10 Tips to Live A Happier Life

Since this site and I are all about Happiness you have to know that is what I truly want for you, and you and you over there in the back, yes you all of you. I come to you with ways and ideas and inspiration and I send out powerful daily thought meditation for you all whether you know that or not. Well you do now. 

I know that it helps me to be able to share all that I learned in the many happy years I have been here and I feel this is one of the best ways to get my happy thoughts out there. Also I get a lot of input from many of you which in turn inspires me even more, so thank you all and please continue. So I feel this is working.  

Everyone is feeling much better and we all feel better when happy, but and you knew that was coming what I feel some of you might be thinking is that where your at with happiness is the finishing line, the end game, the final chapter and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Finding your happy place and discovering the happiness inside you so you will happily live forever in Happy-land was work. If you had made no effort you would not be where you are now. So take a moment and be proud of that. I am so very proud of you. So it was work and you have learned a great deal.

You have learned how your happiness is a matter of a bright and open mindset! You can choose to make your life happy. That is what we here to focus on today, these are more like tools for your happy toolbox so add them there look at them every so often, because being busy and life in general make us forget stuff, the little things.   

So here are 10 tips you can keep close at hand or in your toolbox, these tips will help you to live your life happily and happier, the more you use them the more they work.

10 Tips to Live a Happier Life.   

1. Leave the memories of the past.

We all have good and bad times we have been through. It is time to let go and forget your painful memories. You held on to them long enough. I am hoping you have already forgiven the person even if only in your mind and now it is time to let go. What has happened in the past is not important anymore; it has no relation to the future. Instead, focus on the good memories, set your eyes on the prize, the future and move on.

Now those of you with real tragedy,  we are not belittling it, we are not truly forgetting, we are moving forward because that is what is needed and in that sense I would say honor a memory and bring that with you. So now you can be happy and live happy for all of you. That is truly what the world wants for you.

2. Be optimistic.

I know some of you were just born pessimists, that is what I hear you say, but just like there people who are born optimists, not all were born, some were made. So it is possible your were made pessimistic also. Just saying so try to look at things on the sunny side. Look for the good above dark clouds.

For example, if you had an unfortunate traffic accident where your vehicle got damaged, the bright side is that nobody is injured and the car can be repaired. Traffic accidents are a awful example but traffic getting stuck in traffic may have just prevented an accident so try to see postponements and missed meeting as the universes way of divine intervention. Put a little thought as to why this may have happened. 

Now I am not saying miss important meetings, but you might and it is not the end of the world. Remember the world is not all about you. it is about all of us helping each other. Giving of ourselves is a quicker path to happiness just in case  you need a shortcut. 

So give it a go and see things a little different.  Your not trying to change who you are, but we are all trying to be open to what the world has in store for us. So open up to new things and go off that straight and narrow path every so often. 

3. Be close to your family

Try and maintain close contact with your family and friends. This is not about who your related to but more about those people who you feel are more your family than possibly your family. There are many who have branched out families. Many have families that grew from nothing into everything.

There are many ways to see what I am saying here, so do not limit yourself.  Each and every one of our relationships impacts upon our happiness. These impacts may be internal and rarely ever seen and only felt when we allow them to rise up. If this is you re-read tip #1.

Humans are social beings so keep a circle of people you call family, your tribe, whatever you call them close by. Take a moment every now and then to evaluate your existing relationships. Weed out what is not working, make closer contact with people who lift you, and close the door on people who pull you down. Not all people are meant to be in our lives forever.

4. Try to find a job that allows you to be happy

Being miserable day after day just to pay rent is not living. Life is too short for that. Job satisfaction plays an huge part in your happiness whether you believe it or not. Trying to just leave work at work may sound like it works but because it is so much of our life you end up becoming two different people and then neither one is happy.

If you feel that you are over-stressed in your current job, and you do not get the well-deserved reward you want for it, then maybe it’s time to make shifts in your career. Firstly give your job a second chance. Try a positive attitude in your work. If this does not work out in a short period, it is time to change careers.

5. Make friends with people who have common interests

You have to be friends with people who have a common interest. Find something that you can be genuinely passionate about, but be careful that won’t grow over you. Avoid addictive things like gambling. Your new interest might be a hobby or an organization that you can be a volunteer. You can meet people here with the same enthusiasm and passion as you. 

If you have the same friends as you have had forever you might need to go outside of that circle. Do not get stuck living in the past with people unwilling to change. Your happiness depends on it and change is inevitable. If you are not embracing change you are dimming the light on your future.

6. Exercise, Invigorate, energize

All forms of exercise release endorphins, the happiness hormone. So you will not only be caring for your body but energizing yourself as well. Do what you do everyday in some form of exercise. This releases stress, clears the mind, stimulates all kinds of things and give a happiness boost. 

7. Change your thinking

You have to start living a fulfilled life. See tip #2. Do not delay finding new life experiences for a second. Try something new every day, or add a new skill. If you have not learned something new no matter what it is then you are just limiting yourself and closing the door on your happiness. No matter how old you are and no matter how much you know there is always more to learn. 

Try to not see learning as work but as an adventure. A new adventure to a new chapter in your life.

8. Do not let the little things bring you down.

I see and hear it time and time again people allowing 1 little mishap to ruin an entire day, time, event. It is too easy to let that happen and then sure as I know Murphy’s Law something is always going to happen. The more you foresee it the more it happens. Now if that isn’t positive action in force, so see it for what it is. 

Then go with the flow. If something pops up walk around it, no need to stop and figure out what to do with it, just walk around it do what you had planned and deal with it later. Your an adult, your do not have to deal with everything at every second especially when it just popped up. 

You cannot control everything but what you can control is how you react to it. Forget everything that you can’t control and focus on the bigger picture. Life is too short to worry about trivial things. 

9. Live Life for yourself.

When you are able to live life for yourself not trying to live up to other people’s expectations you will find it much faster. Then you can share it with others.  Remember to live life in the present because that is the gift you have been given.

10. Lastly,  but by far not least remember to give of yourself freely without any expectations. Unconditional love is not practiced as it was before people became, “What’s in it for me?”, type of existence. Selfless love has a way of churning inside of us creating and making us feel happy! 

So you do not have to do them all but eventually they will be part of your happiness. As always keep smiling.

Miles of Smiles,

Happy Girl



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