Seven (7) Questions that will help you find you.

Finding You

7 Questions that will help you find you.


Sometimes we get lost, way lost. If thats why your here, Let’s get started.

To help you with rediscovering who you are you will need to take some time and answer a few questions.

#1 What is your purpose?

Identifying your life purpose sounds daunting so what you need to do here is create your own mission statement.  This will be the foundation needed to begin piecing you back together.

What is a mission statement? 

Well look at it like your motto, the way you want to be seen or to be remembered. It makes you feel good to say it, to know it, to live it.  Start simple and try not to recreate the wheel. You will be piecing this statement together bit by bit until you are whole again.

#2 What is it you value?

What do you value most? I am going to let you just write a list of what you feel your values are right now. I am not going to go into these values today because let me tell you when we start getting you back to you the you before you sacrificed your needs for everyone else.

The values you write down today are going to change. In fact, you might just come to realize those were not even your values at all.  So write them down we will touch on this later not here not today.

Figuring out who you are now and knowing what you value today will help us later to see how we have grown.  Not all your values will change but some will and you will be surprised at the ones that do.

Knowing exactly what it is you value is important in making decisions in regards to your needs and satisfying those needs.  They are kind of tied in together.

#3 What do you need?

So what do you need? Not what you want, but I hope you know that as well. Knowing your needs is more than just knowing what you need to get done in fact it has nothing to do with that.

To begin to answer that question you needs to stand back and go through you day from the start.

When you open your eyes do you like to just lay there for 10, 20, 30 minutes. On the other hand, do you like to get up and go?

Again I get it having responsibilities is real but that does not mean you do not deserve your day or two where you get to just lay there and satisfy your need.  Continue going through your day and let me say this just because you have done it day in and day out for the last 10 years does not make it unfixable.

What it does is show you is how long ago you started to slip away one piece at a time.

So try to go through a full day in your mind noting things you enjoy like if no one was around, these are the things you need to bring back into YOUR life because they make you happy.

Now take those mental notes and write them down or put them in your phone under notes and add more as you realize them.

Think a moment about all the people that go through each day without satisfying any of their needs.

These needs cost nothing but end up being priceless.

Now yes it will take making changes and no one likes change.

The ones that like it least of all are those who are getting everything they need from you.

So know your needs.  I hope you are writing this down.

Knowing what you truly need will give you the opportunity to work towards that. You have to remember you have put everyone else first for so long they (family, friends, and people at work) do not value your needs because they do not know them.

It is not a flip the switch and it is good to go type of thing. Choosing to satisfy your needs is really top priority. Valuing what you enjoy and making an effort to that enjoyment is priceless.

In doing so, you will teach your children, family and those around you that, their needs are important and that there will be times, they need to stand alone to be themselves if it truly matters to them.

If you find or begin to hear rumor that you are being selfish, take a big breath and in doing so you will smile because that person, realizes your needs are real. They may not like it and they may try to dismiss your efforts but hold steady. We all need to be a little selfish with ourselves if not we run the chance of becoming selfless.

#4 What triggers your emotions?

Like a movie that brings tears to your eyes by just watching it, knowing what affects you emotionally will help you find you. Since you have been turning off those receptors getting them back to normal will be rediscovering what matters to you again.

This includes knowing what makes you laugh, giggle, glow, and feel enjoyment.  Try not to group all your feelings together there is wide range of feelings in your enjoyment so be sure you begin to experience it all.

It also includes those feelings that make you feel sad, mad, and angry and even those that make you furious. Your full spectrum of emotions make up all the intricate parts that make you the person that you are meant to be.

Knowing what fuels your emotions will help you know what you need to do.

#5 How do you recharge?

If you ever been out maybe visiting people hearing their stories trying to be that compassionate person your known to be and you find yourself getting tired for no reason.

Well there is a reason, you have just been drained.

You see being a caring compassionate person taking in all that is around you especially if the air is drama filled. It literally sucks the life right out of you. It exhausts you and if you do not take time to recharge you will just continue to feel exhausted.

Then guess what? Your sick you cannot work or do anything because you have allowed yourself to get so drained you literally are sick.

So if you find yourself getting “sick” well that is your body doing what you could not do so now your body has taken the reins and you are forced to recharge. Usually by that time, you do not even know you are recharging but you are.

Therefore, the goal here is to remove yourself prior to getting “sick” knowing your limits again is going to be a new learning experience for you.

Once you begin to know your drain zone then you need to be sure to spark your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence. Silence is what you need and you must be able to have complete silence.  The brain needs silence the body needs silence; you need the silence to recharge.

It is important to be in the right state of mind breathe deeply to quiet your distracted mind.

Embrace silence and alone time.  Relish it.

It is during these moments that your true self makes an appearance.

#6 What are your strengths?

What are your positive traits? What special talents do you have?

If you cannot even remember all the things you are good at then ask someone, someone who at least would know the answer. Now make a list of those things we will need it.

You can increase your self-confidence when you can share what you know to others.

Oh and if you ask others and they tell you things you don’t even want to write down well then don’t write those because those are not you. You will feel good about the strengths you have those are the important ones.

Those are the ones to write down. Those ones matter most because they matter to you. This will get easier, I promise. Find and list at least 10 positive traits, strengths you have. This is a part of who you are.

#7 Are you giving freely of yourself?

Once we get you back this is a part of you we will have to recreate. You have given so much you probably have nothing left to give now. That will change so read on and do not worry about this one just know it is part of who you are.

In fact, this part came too easy for you. You gave so much you had nothing left.

We will need to learn limits on that which we give of ourselves.

Once you are you then we can work on this because when you are true to yourself, living your purpose and giving of your talents to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with others -your spirit – your essence.

Now reading that you see it says giving of your talents it does not say giving up all the things, you like because you do not have time now.

So there it is and I would like to hear what you think. So leave a comment.

Next up finding out what it takes to be happy. 

Step 1  

Talk to you soon,

Happy Girl


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