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Welcome to Happy Girl Goods,  I am Happy Girl and this is my website. I am so excited to finally have somewhere to share all my rantings and ravings. So welcome to my passion, my happy place, a place dedicated to all who are ready to, “Get Your Happy Back.


I did, and if I can so can you.  What does that even mean?


Some of you know exactly what that means. Some of you might not be sure, maybe you’re still on the fence.  Then some of you may not even know where to begin or what to choose.

Some of you know exactly what that means. Some of you might not be sure, maybe your still on the fence.  Then some of you may not even know where to begin or what to choose.


Yes, No, Maybe?   What will you choose?


If you are looking for answers to those questions you always wanted to know but didn’t ask. I want you to feel free to ask away and express yourself here.


Together we can explore and ignite that inner desire once more. Rediscover who you are and begin your new adventure.


A new road of self-discovery, so you can set free your creative growth and draw out that which I know was always there. 


So no matter where you’re at in your life right now you are here for a reason.


Do you believe that to be true? I do.

I have a lot of good info and some self-help tools to assist you on your journey.

Soon enough you will begin to feel the good things that are here, things that will make you smile,  little things, that mean a lot, good vibes, good karma.


I have been and always will be a kid at heart, a happy girl.

I love doing the little things that most people have forgotten about.

My morals are old school and true to the golden rule of, 


Do unto others, as you would like done to you”.


Those of you who know me already know this and that I have always been that way. What they did not know is I was always trying to fit in, and I have no idea why I tried so hard.

Growing up with 3 older brothers had its advantages and disadvantages. More on that later.

They did teach me many things. Mostly better keep up or get left behind. There were some good times.

We lived way out in Washoe County and I could ride my horse to the lake and wherever I wanted, I loved it.

My life was so free that I had to make my own rules way early I think I was in 3rd grade when I created some boundaries for myself. Years later I created my own moral code. It served me well and still serves me well. 


I believe in doing good things, being a good person, helping-out, pitching in, but mostly being true to who you are.


Now that did not come easy, I struggled a lot trying to fit in for a very long time and it made me, well it made me not me. When I finally figured out what I had always known in my heart, which is, just be you, I had lost a lot of me and a lot of time.


That being said I am here doing what I do better than anyone else, which is being me. Making me happy and if a few people want to jump on the wagon come jump on the wagon.

I’ve learned a lot and have many a certificate, diploma,  and fancy paperwork that says so. I am always learning more all the time. You have to, you just do.

One of the things I feel good about is that I am ok doing what I do and I do not need any ones approval or any confirmation on how I live my life.

Mostly because I live my life for me doing the best I can for you all, it works out well and it is part of the whole to being happy for me.

So if you’re looking for a way to bring more happiness into your life and those around you great that is what this is all about.


If you want that then make the effort to change the things you already know are needed. You are going to read some things here and say yeah I knew that.

So you have to start being the change you want to see. I had to do it too.


It means not just talking about it, not just writing about it, it means being about it.  Plan to be fearless and explore things outside of your comfort zone.

You have been comfortable for way too long and see what it has done for you…hmmm


So do not sit quietly and wait for things to happen.

Make things happen.


You are here because you are meant to be here so however you found me, Welcome, I am so glad you made it.


Consider yourself lucky from this day forward.

Lucky enough to be here, check stuff out, begin your adventure and  I am hoping that you come back soon because this does not just happen overnight and I have so much more for you.


Is there more than that to all this? Maybe there is a bigger than you and all about me story to it. Maybe…Maybe not, but I would like to think there is.


So in wrapping this up I want you to know that I welcome your uniqueness and value your differences of opinion which you may leave in the comments section of any post current or past.  


Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon.


I look forward to sharing all I have for you!                       

Blessed are we, so very blessed. 


 Happy Girl  



As woman, we are many things: baby girl, daughter, little sister, big sister, step-sister, best friend, girlfriend, lover, fiancé, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

We are the ex’s the ‘other woman’ the ‘old lady’ the ‘ball and chain’ and although we are oh so many things we remain humble. 


We have the ability to nurture, inspire, support and truly bring out the creative ability in the seeds we sow in our lives. 

T. DeLong


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    We don’t spam!

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