Are you an Earth Angel?

19 Signs if you are an Earth Angel

Are you an Earth Angel? When you are growing up and feel your heart strings pulling you into areas you know nothing about but at the same know everything about, it makes you think hmmm. Depending on your age when you start to notice how truly different your thought process is when it comes to right and wrong, good and bad outside influences could very easily belittle your inborn knowledge to the point where you learned to hide it.

It has been over 2 decades since I identified myself as an Earth Angel. I knew I was something different I just didn’t know what it was and I had learned to keep much of what I saw and knew to myself. Most people do not want to hear about a little girl who talks to Angels like they are old friends. 

In fact I remember one time being asked when I was little if I got lonely sleeping in my big old room. The question itself was layered with partial truths but even then I clarified the truth. I jumped up on my bed and said, “Lonely doesn’t sleep here, it’s just me and my angels”.

Another thing I didn’t always notice with myself  but I do now looking back is that I was fine alone. I still am because I still do not feel like I am alone when I am. Many people cannot do that they require to the point of necessity outside influence on a daily basis. I actually prefer my alone time, it is how I recharge and I consider my home my sanctuary as it is the one place I can just be me.

If anything read here can help anyone you know uncover that which has been hidden please pass this on to them and include my email I would love to hear their story and be helpful to them if needed.  Okay back to the topic at hand.

So ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have you felt your were different or at odds to others your entire life, as though you’re an outsider searching to get in, but can’t quite put your finger on why or what it is that makes you different?
  2. Are you an extremely empathic and delicate soul?
  3. Do you seem like you’ve got a special mission to perform in the world, even if you’re not exactly sure what it is?

If you answered yes to just one of those questions it is possible you’re an Earth Angel. Answering yes to all of them well you probably already knew you were something special you just did not know what.

My journey has been long and longer it will be but my hope here is to find you, uncover you and let you shine because it is your time now. Set free that huge part of yourself that has actually stayed buried for many years, if not decades. As somebody who resonates with this energy myself, I can just hope it brings you some much needed clarity, peace and pleasure.

Finding yourself becomes the starting point on a new journey as you awaken and become part of a vast neighborhood of wondrous Earth Angels it is a life-changing experience.  

In this post, you’ll discover:

  • Your real soul origins
  • What an Earth Angel is
  • Subtle signs you might be one
  • Their assisting mission and function, and how to discover yours
  • Challenges these souls face and conquer


Earth Angels are a loving, nurturing group of souls who agreed to coming to Earth to help rid the light from the dark, in other words bring back the light that darkness has a hold on.. You/They are the closest thing we have to true celestial angels in the world. 

While they may not all have actually resided in the magnificent realms, some of them have vivid memories that they can recall of the time they actually lived previous lives elsewhere aside from on Earth. They are the real empaths, therapists and nurturers among us, they are highly sensitive beings and frequently feel out of place to individuals they have actually lived with their entire life.

Earth Angels radiate pure, unfiltered happiness to the world and are here to channel much heavier energies into lighter ones through their specific mission or purpose (more on that later).



Finding out that you are an Earth Angel is one thing believing you are is everything. It will also help you understand why you’ve felt the way you have for such a long time. Trust that what you have known and felt forever isn’t in your imagination, but is real.

This will have a deep and meaningful effect on your life. It will change the way you see yourself and it will provide you a sense of direction. It is your journey and you need no one to confirm that which you already know. There are other signs that relate to Earth Angels you may or may not have some or all of these signs. 

Here are the 19 signs you may have if your an Earth Angel:

1. You see the Miracles in the Mundane

Have you ever stopped to look at the world around you and simply are in awe in the beauty and wonder of it all? The shape of the clouds, the smell of the air in the early morning, the sight of the sun rising over the horizon?

No matter what is happening around you in your life, you can’t help but see the wonders in everything that surrounds you each and every day. Little things that other people would miss out on make you smile.

2. You are able to feel other People’s Energy and State of minds Quickly

Earth Angels aren’t just compassionate in the sense that they can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, however they are clairsentient beings. They can actually feel and take in the energy of those around them, and it doesn’t take very long for them to do so.

Just to clarify

Clairsentient by definition,  they’re empaths whose intuitions reach a higher level.

Clairvoyants “see” things; claircognizants “know” things; clairaudients “hear” things; and clairsentients “feel” things.

Have you ever spoke with someone who is experiencing real issues in their life, only to begin feeling a deep sensation of sadness or heaviness afterwards, but don’t know why? You’re most likely extremely gifted in clairsentience. You will need to learn to protect yourself from absorbing others negative energies.

Your ability to pull in their energy to the point of downloading them into your own energetic system can really drain you if you do not protect your self.

3. You Have A Hard Time to Setting Boundaries

You find it very difficult to set meaningful boundaries when it comes to other peoples needs of you.. You’ are a natural giver, and you truly care, and wish to do the best thing for those around you to the point of burning yourself out.

Physical and psychological burnout is something Earth Angels frequently suffer with. It takes real practice some time for you to say ‘no’, even if you know it’s probably for the best.

You do not understand why people would ever wish to take advantage of you. This is one spiritual lesson Earth Angels require to learn to be ‘successful’ in this lifetime.

4. You at times feel hurt and vulnerable in this World

Directed by the laws of love, unity and empathy, you struggle with the seemingly hardened nature of this world.

You believe in the fact that people care and love the way you do, only to be shocked when it does not occur. You might even believe there’s something wrong with you (there isn’t).

5. You are an Eternal Optimist

You like to see the blessings beyond the storm, even if no-one else can. You’re a believer in that all things happen for a reason. You’re an ‘when one door closes another opens’ sort of individual. 

6. Children and Animals are Naturally Drawn to You

Because as a Earth Angel you have a pure and unfiltered aura children and animals are naturally drawn to you. They do not know why but it is something which animals and children are naturally attracted to. They can feel your loving and nurturing nature and feel safe in your presence.  

You may easily be able to soothe a distressed child or injured animal, where others can’t. You may feel as though you can understand what they need even without words. An easy look into their eyes is all it takes.

7. You Have a Deep Love for The Natural World

Forests, oceans, jungles– Earth Angels have a natural affinity to nature. They have a high vibrational energy which is dampened by the bustling nature of man-made cities.

They feel a sense of relief and calmness when they’re in sync with nature and understand all the ups and downs of the Earth.

8. You are bothered by Loud Noises and crowds

Loud noises quickly affect your health and wellbeing and capability to be productive. It messes up your thinking and makes it practically impossible to do what you do. .

You prefer quieter, calmer environments. This may have been the same for you even as a child.

9. You Feel Like an Outsider looking in

Earth Angels who do not understand they are one frequently have a desperate need to fit into social circles and society as a whole.

They know that they are different however cannot quite put their finger on what it is that makes them different to everyone else they see. From a young age, you’ve most likely seemed like an outsider.

10. You Think in Possibilities and Solutions

As creative thinkers and light beings, these loving souls radiate pure energy and optimism. They are just grateful to be living life as they see it.

Similar to Lyran Star-seeds, Earth Angels see Earth as a play ground for their soul– a playground loaded with possibilities just waiting to be checked out.

Negative thinking and self limiting beliefs can take Earth Angels by force though if they have actually absorbed too much of that throughout the years.

11. Violence, Maltreatment & Injustice Troubles You

Seeing a stray or injured animal, a person without shelter or the mistreatment of another human being deeply bothers you. If you were to see a video or even hear somebody speaking about this type of mistreatment, you quickly feel a pang of unhappiness, regret and sadness for humanity.

You have a hard time  understanding how anybody could have such hateful intents in the very first place.

12. You’re Deeply Compassionate and Highly sensitive

You feel what other people feel in a way that you cannot put into words. Whereas others provide compassion, you have the ability to comprehend and feel what another person is experiencing from their perspective.

Without having boundaries, you likely feel mentally exhausted most of the time (without ever truly knowing why). You are literally embodying the feelings of  up to 10 individuals if not more at a time.

13. You Have a Deep Fascination with Angels and Their Synchronicities

This might sound like an obvious sign, however Earth Angels have an extreme relationship with the angels within the divine realms. You might see angel numbers like 333 or 111 all over and everywhere you look.

You might understand the significance of angel hierarchy and order. You might be able to recall some Archangels and what mission they are on by memory..

Or, at the very least, you have a desire and calling to dive much deeper into these matters.

14. You’re Visited by Angels or Angelic Like Beings

Through a type of energetic downloads, Earth Angels can interact with angels in the other realms of the worlds. They are skilled at dreamwork, celestial travel and practices such as spiritual journaling.

Even if you’re unaware of your spirit guide team, you likely have more than one Guardian Angel you communicate with, perhaps even a group of them. These beings might visit in your dreams, in a half-waking state or when you  are in need of their guidance and help (most likely in the kind of a human existence).

15. You Embody the Energy of the Magician & Manifest Effortlessly

When in alignment with their most authentic self, Earth Angels are simple people and can easily manifest.. They carry the energy of the Magician in tarot; they have whatever they require to make their life a living dream.

Their energy is naturally high which is what makes manifestation so easy for these amazing beings. The challenge is keeping their energy high when faced with hardship from other humans.

16. You’re a Born Therapist and Caregiver

Earth Angels are typically mistaken as conventional therapists, and others in that profession which involve medicine, holistic treatment or spiritual energy work. However, Earth Angels come from all walks of life.

They can break the chains of inheritance which have gone through their household for generations. They can end up being the first millionaire in their family and heal self restricting beliefs they have had surrounding money. They can help others through providing their support in the areas of coaching, mentoring or support guidance  Earth Angels are therapists in every sense of the word.

17. You are Highly Creative

Whether you know it or not, you have a wildly imaginative innovative side just waiting to be unleashed.

Be it through music, arts, composing, or DIY projects, Earth Angels utilize their child-like happiness to bring to life creations that help raise their personal vibration. A number of these souls turn their hobbies into a full-time profession, and are extremely successful in doing so.

18. You are Selective Over Who You Let into Your Circle

You may have been misunderstood most of the time in the past, therefore now, you are selective over who you let near to you. Through no fault of your own, Earth Angels have the tendency to believe spreading their empathy, pleasure and optimism to as many people as possible is the best thing to do.

This causes confusion and rejection from those who aren’t yet ready to hear and experience your loving vibration. As an result many Earth Angels feel isolated whilst still having a lot of ‘buddies’.

19. You Have Psychic and Earth Angel Talents

Angelic communication, dreamwork, clairaudience, clairsentience, Clair cognizance, prophecy, mediumship are just some of the psychic and angelic abilities which you may resonate with.

Earth Angels can have both what I call ‘earthbound’ and ‘divine’ talents. Earthbound skills are things like automatic writing, journaling, art, cooking, herbalism, gardening etc. Their amazing skills are those connected with the greater worlds; intuition, celestial travel, dreamwork, Akashic record meditation etc.


  • You had a frustrating past mostly as a youth and learnt what empathy, love and perseverance means by teaching it to yourself
  • You feel like you have a particular mission to carry out on Earth, even if you’re not exactly sure what it is
  • You were mocked or teased as a kid because of your gifts that made you different
  • You have had low self worth, self-confidence and self esteem in the past
  • You get the sense that individuals think you’re vain (however not always in a judgmental way)
  • You feel deeply in touch with deep space, planets, stars and nature as well.
  • You search the sky for the stars call out to you and you feel a deep yearning to return home 
  • Particular words, quotes and songs trigger a surge of feelings to rise from your spirit
  • You believe that miracles can happen on a daily basis and they do
  • You’ve healed yourself from some type of illness or chronic condition ( other peoples disbelief)
  • You have suffered with anxiety or some chronic pain (of not fitting in) syndrome in the past 
  • You feel grateful for the life you’re currently living (well of course you do)

If you resonate with most of these signs, you can rest assured you are an Earth Angel.. Finally someone that gets you. Yeah I know how you feel. Light some candles, sage your house and do your happy dance. 

I know I am an Earth Angel, so are there any more of you who feel the calling?? Leave a comment and please don’t be so shy, It took me years to finally be myself so if you know you are well then we are family in the whole worldly sense, 

Miles of Smiles,

Happy Girl 


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