Don’t Dim to Fit In

Life Force
Inner Light

Every person has a life force inside of them and that life force shines like a light. It is what draws people in to you, maybe to get to know you better maybe not.


It works both ways and so some people will just avoid you altogether and they and you may not even know why.


How bright is your life force?

Is it like a beacon blazing bright for all to see? 


Mine is and people tell me all the time some say they see it while others just feel it. I shine, I glow, my life force surrounds me, it is pure energy and it is powerful especially when I am in the zone.


If you have no idea what a life force is then read on this is for you.


The web defines life-force as follows:

Energy (esotericism), a concept in spirituality and alternative medicine. Prana, the Sanskrit word for “life force” or “vital principle” Qi, or chi, an active principle forming part of any living thing (translated as “natural energy“, “life force“, or “energy flow”)


There are as many way to increase it as there are to decrease it just look it up like here:

11 Ways to Enhance Your Life Force Energy: Tap Into the Best … › blogs › healing-stones-blog › l…


Life force energy is the essence of life that flows through all living things. It can be measured in humans’ and animals’ overall vitality through their …


When was the last time you checked your life force?

Well then you should be at least thinking about it now and that’s good.


The reason I bring it up is you may be dimming your own life force on a daily basis.


Your life force is bright and meant to shine and grow with all you do, like the universe.


If someone or something is giving you a feeling like you need to tone it down, slowly back away, the universe is signaling that you are not a good match.


Let me say that this could be with someone you have already been with and they have dimmed your life force for years.


Relationships are made with energy and when each person’s energy is allowed to shine bright amazing things can happen.


So by allowing yourself to shine bright a change in the chemistry will naturally occur and those relationships meant to last will adapt.


Some relationships will not endure the new energy wave for fear your energy or life force will compete with their own, they have to be the brightest even if it means dimming you.


They also do not realize that your new wave of energy force will strengthen theirs if they are willing to let you be you.


Some people are not meant to be in our lives forever, it is the lessons we learn from them that are  meant to stay with us.


Your new found shine can inspire those around you who also have been dimming to fit in. By just being yourself you can help someone else to break out of that shell and shine like they were meant to.


This world needs good life force energy shining bright. It has always been inside you just waiting for a chance to shine bright.


Keep on shining bright like a flower reaching for the sun it does not care who walks by it is always growing and reaching for the light.


You are that light so shine even when the world seems dark that is your calling to shine even brighter.


Are there times you feel your life force shining bright more than others?


Feel free to leave a comment, always love to hear from you.


Shine on,


Happy Girl


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