Dreams Will Come True: Have Patience and Be Positive

Dreams will come true

 “All dreams come true someday.”

I believe that very much so, and hereby give notice to all my readers and set the context accordingly.

That when I am referring to my thoughts on any matter, I am NOT referring to a common man achieving fame, status, adulation, wealth and becoming a Celebrity over night or a highly successful business tycoon or a renowned man or a strong, powerful politician, no that is not how I roll.

I share with you only personal experiences unless I have stated otherwise. I believe in dreams and that they are never too big and never too small. They can be material, personal, romantic or creative.

Throughout, my entire life I am fortunate to say that most of my dreams have materialized. Even the non-material ones have survived and have been fulfilled in some way or the other in this life.

Dreams are not just the visions you have during sleep although those exist. The dreams I am talking about are rooted from passion, they are a consistent desire, an inner-calling to fulfill something that you will cherish because it is achievable and you have been looking forward to it for quite some time.

You love to think and feel passionately about it, and when you do time slips away because you are in the “zone” fueled by the passion inside your soul as it guides you throughout the day.

It effects you and you are touched when someone talks about it. The moment you visualize it has been achieved, you are on cloud nine, on seventh heaven.

The feeling has no comparison but is one of joy and thankfulness. The passion fuels you to go that extra mile, and be optimistic even under most stressful situations.  

I have been dreaming about different things and here’s an interesting list of my dreams that have come true till now.

I used to dream of having my own blog, writing my articles and posting them on my blog to inspire my near and dear ones. These articles getting acknowledged or certified by a website was like a step further, not seen in my dream though.

 I always wanted to write on variety of topics, something positive, to motivate myself and others without even an aorta of negativity or criticism like critics criticizing on any topic. I didn’t discover my creative streak till the day I sat down and wrote a beautiful poem complimented by several people.

Writing and publishing my stories whether for children or whomever and continuing that process is ongoing and that amazes me each day. Being able to assist and help people to eliminate or at least reduce problems in their life is another example of a dream getting fulfilled.

Becoming a mother and now a grandmother and having great fun

being part of their lives every single day. The feelings, affection, love you get with these relationships cannot be described in words.

Being able to coach on personality development, influencing hundreds of young men and women to work positively towards their goals is a recurring dream coming true.

Working for a social cause and contributing towards welfare of our society. I’m thankful to God that I got a wonderful opportunity to contribute educating children on the words of our Father in a manner that in doing so brought more clarity to me than I had ever had. A dream worth living a hundred lives.

Being selected as volunteer of the month for a local food bank where I just do what I am told to help out because nothing is out of my league I am above no one and below no one. I appreciate the opportunity to being able to give a little of myself without expecting a return but receiving one all the same. 

There is one golden rule which I have realized all these years. If you want your dreams to become reality, one has to be positive, patient and have faith that if you take that path you will reach your dream and possibly many more you had no idea were even there for you. Now that is a dream come true.

Dreams become converted into reality by constantly working towards them. Working hard, putting in-efforts and consistently reminding yourself.

Another thing I would like to share is that I always convey my best and sincere thoughts to people daily, “May God bless you and all your dreams come true.” I feel by wishing something positive for people no matter who they are empowers the energy so much more.

A quote I find satisfying comes from the Goddess Saraswati sitting on a lotus she says,

” Live each day, like it’s your last look at the future, forget the past let Saraswati May bless you today.” I wish you a Happy Basant Panchami day. Whether you speak something nice or nasty, chances are it might come true. So, speak nice, positive and good thoughts for everyone.

 Our universe is made up of atoms. Positive atoms release positive energy and the impact multiplies and vice versa.

Pouring water to Sun is an excellent example of generating positive energy. Sun radiates and blesses this Universe with its abundant light, energy and power. Having positive vibes around you. Doing things to have that “feel-good factor” and work in a positive environment.

This will nurture your brain, your morale, motivation levels and consequently your dreams. Stay away from negative people as they clutter your mind and might create obstacles in fulfilling your dreams. Besides that, negative people drain you and literally suck the life force from you.

We have all experienced karma and know all to well that what you give, comes back to you. You donate, have noble thoughts, put-in sincere efforts, speak humble, and do good deeds. In reciprocation, good things will happen with you most of the time. You do bad karma, utter ugly words, bad will eventually follow you, your work gets spoiled and you suffer from negative thoughts.

This has been proven scientifically time and again, negative energy sucks your mind, body and soul and results in loads of negativity. While, positive energy attracts positive thoughts. So, be positive encouraging, and cheerful. Things will fall in place sooner or later.

Lastly, dream big, have faith in your abilities and in the universe, keep reminding, so that the dreams remain in your sub conscious mind and some day you go beyond your dreams when you reach your destination. God bless!

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I hope you choose to get it.


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