Five (5) Keys to Finding Your Passion

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Ignite your Passion

The one question that I get time and time again from those of you working on, ‘Getting Your Happy Back’, is

How do I find my passion?

What if I told you that passion is a gift, and you received it at birth the problem most people have in finding their passion is that they truly do not believe they are worthy.

When that is your reality, you will make very little progress. You will need to adjust your mindset.

Maybe you think you are too old now or maybe you think you are not smart enough.

We’ll let us clear the air with all that because you are never too old to discover your passion in life and the last time I checked being super smart was not a prerequisite to finding your passion.

The only limit to finding your true passion is your ability to imagine it.

You are the one holding you back.

Maybe you are just too busy to find your passion.

You could be focusing your time on things the wrong things, the things that cause you to become disappointed and unmotivated with your life.

So let us get started on this right now.


These keys come from the book, ‘Awaken Your True Calling’, and because I feel you desire to succeed in this, I am gifting the book as a bonus.

Here are the 5 keys to finding your passion.

1. Give yourself the opportunities

You will need to change how you see yourself this very moment to who you want to be.

Finding your passion becomes much easier when you know that you have the right to be passionate about your pursuits in life.

The thing is if you are so busy doing 20 million things that really have nothing to do with finding your passion well how are you ever going to find it.

You will not unless you make some time so give some priority to what you truly want. Makes sense to me.

The moment you can align your identity with your passion is when you will begin to find fulfillment in the things you do in life.

2. Allow yourself to explore

Now it is good you try new things. I am not saying try everything what I am saying is that on your way to finding your passion there will be a huge spectrum of possibilities some more likely than others are.

During this challenge steer yourself towards the work that you love, it excites you and it makes you feel energized.

If you can do this, you will know you are on the right path and you will save yourself much time.

There are many possibilities and you need to not try all of them.

It is important that you listen to inner self and choose that which moves you towards you passion.

3. Look closely at what you’re doing

To do what you love is one thing. To make money doing what you love is altogether different.

Try not to over think it. Sometimes it is the simplest of ideas that spark your true calling.

If you find that is the case then realign yourself to that which resonates within you.

You know more than you think you do.

I also have to say this is not going to be a group effort.

You can do this, support is awesome but don’t count on it just yet.

What are you doing?

Day in day out and are enjoying it or just going through the motions.


 Life is about living not just surviving.

4. Question yourself

If you are going to succeed in finding your passion, you are going to have to ask yourself some important questions.

In doing so your, subconscious will begin to process these questions and allow you to search within yourself for the answers.

So as you read the questions, try not to answer right away. Let the questions roll around in your mind for a day or two.

Then come back get some paper and a pen and answer each question as complete as you can.

No one sentence answers, you want complete well written answers that would make sense to anyone else who read it.

Taking the time to answer these questions will strengthen your sincerity to succeed.

So remember read through them first let your subconscious get to work then come back in a day and answer the questions.

These are not all the questions you should ask yourself but these are enough to get you started.

o What would you do every day because you love it?
o What gifts or skills can you share with the world?
o What comes naturally to you?
o When have you felt you are the most creative?
o Is there something you enjoy doing so much that time seems to fly?

How did you do??

If you did not even bother to do it you might need to ask yourself what is really holding you back??

You might just find it is you.

We are all fearful of the unknown it is easier to do nothing, but isn’t that what has kept you from achieving what you know is out there for you.

5. Always test your passion

Once you find your passion, it is important that you start living it the right way.

Get started right away research if there are classes you might be able to take.

If your thing is something, no one has done before you can begin by offering a free class at your community church or community center to get the public’s reaction and get feedback on how to proceed.

Putting your passion into action will help you see if this is just a part of your journey or if you are truly on the right path.


 In case you thought I forgot, here is the freebie I promised. I hope it helps you in your quest.

As always, Thank you for being you and talk to you soon.


Happy Girl

p.s. Where do you go from here? Well the next step of course that will take you to finding and living a purposeful life. I will talk about that next week. So come back and read about it.

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