Get What You Really Want In Life

Get what you want

To get what you really want in life requires understanding your choices and seeing objectively instead of being ruled by your unconscious motives.  

Think about a major life choice you made recently. 

Was it made actively or impulsively? 

Did it end up as you anticipated? 

If not, what could you have changed about your choice next time? 

Are you ready to analyze your choices before you act?

Can We Plan Too Much?

You make choices every day, but are you making them based on a objective or are they fly by night responses? This is a vital part of making better life choices; postponing instant gratification and choosing what is likely to benefit you in the future.

You do not need to plan your life to get what you desire due to unexpected situations. It is my experience training clients over the years, as well as my own observations, that life hardly ever unfolds according to strategy. Looking back on my life, many of my plans didn’t work out as anticipated.

What if you go with the flow rather of being fixed on a plan for our life. 

What is the rush, if we repeatedly make less than preferable choices?

You learn to accept that there might be a greater plan unfolding in the backdrop of your life, since the pieces of the puzzle are still forming. 

Can you see by looking back on your life, was there an unanticipated event that turned out to be a success for you?

When Life Is Lacking Spontaneity

Planning the information of your life eliminates the spontaneity of life since you anticipate the trajectory of your life to follow the past. You expect the future to be the same, however it is not always the case. 

Sometimes, the very best things that occur can come when you are unprepared. This happens because uncertainty is the structure for a life of adventure and individual growth. After all, you can just prepare life to a specific degree and trust it will unfold appropriately. 

But in some cases you may take an unforeseen turn, which might be the very best thing to happen. What I’m saying: You don’t know what awaits you on the other side up until you take a leap of faith and move on with boldness and guts.

In the same sense, benefits can occur to you that you never expect. The power of being led by your heart’s inner most desire will always exceed say a career you were merely satisfied with.

Trust In Unexpected Miracles

Think about this in your own life. 

Have you ever had an encounter with a person who became your loved one? 

In hindsight, could you have imagined such an encounter would occur?

You need to give yourself space for surprises and wonders, due to the fact that this is how life will reveal itself in methods you never expected. Sometimes you have to take a chance on yourself and trust life will not let you down. You must enable life to reveal itself through you, by being receptive to brand-new experiences rather of talking yourself out of it.

Knowing this, you should write a list of three areas where you are continuously preparing things out. Are you ready to be more open to new experiences in these locations? Do you need to think in a different way?

Making even the tiniest change, whether it be a change in your thinking or actions, can change your life in huge ways. You need to not plan your life in every area to get what you truly want due to the fact that getting what you want comes from choices you never understood you had to make until it is time.

I am not saying through all your plans out and wing it. Im saying be open for a little divine intervention because there is no telling what you journey is missing if you don’t give yourself room to find it.

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