Achieve Absolute Happiness


Everyone wants to be happy.

When you decide to be happy you are opening the door to love and inner peace.

Many people are ready to spend millions of dollars to find happiness.

Some of the most affluent people in the world have spent their lives searching for the key to a happy life.

Happiness can be described as a feeling of joy, excitement, pleasure, serenity, calmness and tranquility.

It is something which you experience within yourself.

Happiness is always a choice.

You can be happy, healthy and wealthy or sad, miserable and poor.

Your mind is a powerful instrument.

As you program your mind towards happiness, your subconscious mind believes them and eventually your negative thoughts become fewer and happiness becomes part of your life.

To be filled with happiness, you need a clean mind. A clean mind in a clean body.

Your past is carried into the present moment. You can change anytime.

If you continue to think the same thought, you remain bound.

Once you change your thinking and beliefs your attitude towards life changes and you will be a different person.

James Allen pointed out ‘Man is the Master of thought, the moulder of character, and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny.

You create your circumstances. William James pointed out, ‘The greatest discovery of our generation is man by changing the inner attitude of his thinking can change the outer circumstances. So to have a happy life you need great attitude. Your attitude controls every aspect of your life. The sales results you are getting or the success in your business or personal life are the reflections of your attitude.

Whatever comes into your life results from your mental attitude.

Your attitude controls your happiness, health and wealth.

A respectful attitude always gets good results. Your attitude controls your whole life. It consists of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your attitude is everything about you.

To be happy, you cannot live in the past. Your past cannot be changed.

Even your creator cannot change your past. But you can learn from your past failures.

God has given you the power to control your mind.

Once the mind starts to control you, your life will be a disaster.

You have to learn how to control your mind.

A gardener works day and night keeping his garden free of weeds and insects and grows flowers, fruits and vegetables so if you want to be happy you have to tend the garden of your mind, weeding out all the useless and impure thoughts and cultivate right and pure thoughts.

By doing so sooner or later you will attract happiness in your life.

You came into this world filled with happiness but as you start to grow the outside world and the environment programmed your mind towards unhappiness.

Now you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to bring back joy and happiness into your life.

The happiness is already there, it is like a rusty diamond which needs to be polished. Once it is polished it sparkles again.

Happy people enjoy tranquility, good health and high self esteem.

They have immense power. They have a dynamic personality.

When you are a happy person you can change the negative to positive, bad news to good news.

The Universe is you and you are the Universe.

You have the power to change.

You have to find out what type of thoughts are coming to your mind.

95% of the time the same thought comes again and again like a roller coaster.

Start to think differently to have different thoughts.

Join the Toastmaster club, become a church member, do gardening, go for jogging, make new friends, become a member of the laugher club or you may take a new job.

See what needs to be changed. Once the mental block is removed happiness flows through you.

Affirmation for happiness

  • I am calm, peaceful and happy
  • I like myself and others like me
  • I love doing things for myself and enjoy doing things for other people
  • Everyday I believe in myself more and more
  • I feel very good when I see new people
  • My true-smile and friendly nature draw new people closer to me
  • I radiate happiness, confidence when I meet people
  • Everyone likes me because I am friendly, happy and caring
  • I always think good in my heart
  • My subconscious mind is filled with happiness, serenity and prosperity
  • Each day I am getting more and more happy
  • Each day I am getting more and more confident
  • My thoughts are getting clearer day by day
  • My heart is filled with love
  • I see joy and happiness around me
  • I am getting better and better everyday
  • I am calm, serene and relaxed

Source by Winston Saga


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