How to Rid Your Life of Negative Thoughts

See the path of light

Learning how to rid your life of negative thoughts is vital in getting your happy back. 

Being able to take life’s ups and downs is without a doubt one of the most important skills you, me, and the world can benefit from every day.

If you can learn to accept what is typically viewed as negative as instead a valuable learning experience,  you will begin to see how truly easy it is to turn a frown upside down, you have heard that before.

Getting your happy back and being happy in general does take a conscious effort, although the more you do it the less effort it takes.

I can remember being caught in a negative mindset that was devastating for me.

It was a time in my life I felt nothingness, it was a feeling of being lost, with that came a fear of being accepted which lead to depression.

I began to see the end results in every endeavor as the worst possible scenario, which then manifested into my worst nightmare. I literally felt my life slipping away.

I would look in the mirror disgusted with the me I saw. I gained weight, lost sleep, and even though I knew it was happening, I continued to fall deeper and deeper into this abyss of negativity.

I would curl up on my bed sleeping sometimes the entire day dreading getting up. My dreams being my only escape.

It was then I learned a life-saving lesson that I am here to share with you in hopes you can join me in getting your happy back and your life on track to where you need to be.

I can guarantee you, that your life is not meant to be miserable with little to no hope of having a life filled with dreams you had as a child.

This does not speak to everyone but everyone is welcome. So read-on and know that it is possible to wake up happy every day and see the good in everything.

I know this to be true because it happened to me.

Go grab a  beverage and a cozy spot and together you and I will turn that frown upside down.

I’m going to also  point out that many people just tend to be more negative than positive.

So how does that happen? 

Well many times it starts at an early age when most of us our at our weakest. Most of us were flooded with negativity, not everybody’s parents knew what to do to instill self-esteem, positive self-image and acceptance of mistakes made.

Most of us were struggling to become what we thought made those around us happy.

It was all we knew how to do. Trying to fit in, following along, don’t do that, do this, with very little explanation as to why.

One thing was clear if you did do something wrong, it was never a good thing.

You could end up regretting that mistake well for a long time if you know what I mean. 

With that being said it becomes easier to see how you can go from a happy go lucky kid to one of uncertainty, cautious even fearful of getting it wrong and being possibly made fun of or disrespected some other way. 

As children there were a lot of ways that adults  disrespected and manipulated those very tender minds whether they would like to admit it or not really doesn’t matter at this point.

So you might have seen your little self in one of the scenarios above? If so you will get that uneasy feeling no one likes to feel in the pit of your stomach.

Only this time don’t push what your feeling away  you have pushed it away to many times already.

Maybe it happened many times, if so let your thoughts take you through them as if you are flipping through pages in a magazine.

As you flip the pages be aware of the feelings that you can still feel.

Those feeling are real as real now as they were then.

How old were you?

Where were you?

Who was there for you? 

Now I want you to look around and find the you that is there now. When you find yourself smile and reach out your hand.

This time  I want you to be there for yourself.

Now tell yourself that everything is okay, it is okay, you are okay, open your arms and let that child return to you. It is as if you hear a knock at the door and upon opening the door there you stand. 

You see the pain in your eyes, you feel the sadness in your heart.

Welcome yourself with love and acceptance whatever happened prior is to be forgiven, released, let go.

Let yourself be there like a guardian for that small child.

You will protect and keep safe that little soul because that little soul is your soul.

Now think what was it that you learned from that just now?

In doing what you just did taking that negative situation that even to this day you could feel and instead of pushing it away, ignoring it, you invited you in with love and acceptance.

Pretty powerful stuff.

You of course are no longer a child but as real as those feeling are that child lives in you.

The good thing is that the  child is truly okay because your acceptance and love and forgiveness is all that is needed.

You alone have what is needed to take the day in day out negativity that has grown becoming a part of you, and now you can pull it out root and all.

People who are negative feel that they always get the short end of the stick in life, but it’s simply not true.

What is true is that if you are a negative person then you will attract negativity.  Like a moth to light.

Instead of allowing yourself to get hung up on things, you may want to consider some of your own expectations and consider what is best for you.

Try and make sure that you concentrate on your needs and wants rather than what others think you need or want.

Try to remember that your attitude predicts the type of life that you will have.

We all have both good times and bad times.

When something negative happens, you may have been unable to control what happened but you can always control the way you react to a situation.

Last but by far the least you need to do is accept who you are and learn how to respect yourself. If you don’t  respect you why would anyone else?

You’ll need to respect the things that you can’t change and take action for things that you can change.

In doing this you can learn to truly respect and love yourself. Your pretty awesome .

So how do you feel? 

A little more positive Im hoping, but again it is in there, your happiness is within your reach.

The whole being negative is really just a by-product of  your inner child trying  to protect you. 

Being negative is very stressful so I am giving you this Ebook on Handling Stress Effectively. Just click on the title to download it.

Thank you all for being here, 

Talk to you soon,

Happy Girl


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