Haven’t Found Your Passion – Learn Something New

Discovering what you really love to do can in itself  be a whole new learning experience.

How do I find my passion?

That question comes up time and time again.

So how do you begin?

First you need to take a look from outside yourself, because you probably have a tough time figuring out what it is you really loooove to do. 

Learning something new if you haven’t found your passion yet is one way to stir the senses that have sat complacently waiting for you.

Because your passion is not just something you are good at. 

You are good at a lot of things.

That doesn’t make it your passion.

Lets back up a bit before moving forward.

As a child you are given toys, lots of toys.

You played and learned and played and learned. Some toys you liked more than others and some toys you played with better than others. One thing is for sure toys teach, even the simplest of design.  Parents and peers encourage what you’re naturally good at.

So it is easy to see how your environment is a big part of who you are, what you know and what you want to be as an adult. It does very little to help you find your passion. It can even work the opposite  in the fact that you don’t want to be anything you grew up around, it happens a lot, bad memories live long and leave scars.

You also could be struggling trying to be something your not nor will you ever be. In that sense it is possible you want what you do not have simply because you do not have it.  It always sounded good, exciting, fun.

Have a look around your house or garage to find things you just had to have but didn’t use for one reason or another. Looked good, thought it would be fun. The thing is with those items you learned, you learned that maybe that wasnt that fun. So that is a plus.

The things is everyone is raised different and the access or lack of access to things is really all you had to figure stuff out with.

So if your having trouble figuring out what your passion is it’s important to see that for what it is and then step back and start again.

So how do you do that?

You start by learning new things you want to do because you want to do them.

You are never to old to learn something new and if you never tried it you just might like it.

I am not talking about doing something new because your boyfriend or girlfriend wants you to. In fact please don’t it will only waste more time for you.

I am talking about stepping outside yourself for a moment, listening to your heart, listening to what’s calling to you, listening to what you want to do, and then doing it.

No worrying about what others might say, no worrying that you will not be good at it. You might just have a knack for it but you might not and that does not mean quit.

If you want to be good at something, you practice and if you find something new that you like to do, it only makes sense to practice, keep at it, just do not give up or quit.

Quitting is easy and that is the other side of trying something new.

You can just quit, but if you like it even just a little give it a chance.

It could lead you to your passion like a stepping stone. So by learning something new it could lead to somewhere else, where your passion lay waiting for you.

So try new things that you always wanted to and if you like it keep doing it.

Now it is your decision to choose what you want, that is why you are here.

Its time for you to break that mold you never wanted to be in, in the first place.

What do you want to learn?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk to you soon,

Happy Girl

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