Lets Recap: What is Important to you?

What is important to you?

When I think about why I really wanted to start this website the simplest of answers come to mind.


Helping others.


That is and always (even as a child) has been who I am. The thing is figuring out that I love to help others at one point was at the expense of losing myself.


So I want to recap a little. First on the list for those of you who found me and kept coming back waiting for me to be done.


Thank you!! You will continue to see changes in this website that make it better. I know I was a little out of my realm of knowledge when I started this and it showed. 


The site changes and my need to let it be apart of me was really important to me.


Even now as I write this I really like this font and the background feels good to me. I basically redesigned this site more than I care to admit but not for SEO or Google (although they are up on the list) it was for me.


It was for me and that is okay. That is not a question as it very well could of been (old behavior). It feels good that it was for me. 


 If you started following along my scattered posts you would have seen one thing for sure. I am very sincere and that is not going to change anytime soon. 


So as they say in many popular group settings that I have come to know (more on that later) “Keep Coming Back”. 


My goal is to post once a week unless I have a need, or something has to be said. In doing that I feel I can follow up and continue to move forward. 


So even though things are not “Perfect” with this website, I will continue. I will continue to reach out to those of you that feel lost or forgotten. 


Those of you that have given so much to so many at home and work and every place you go. I want and truly love to help you find you.


Why ?  because it helps me find even more of me the me I didn’t even know. It will become part of my armor and I could not have even found it without you.


I am like you in the fact that I have a lot on my plate and not enough hours in the day, I can say my plate is so much healthier than before and the hours I do have I put effort into enjoying them.


Sounds like work when I say putting effort into whatever I am going to do but what I mean by that is “being in the moment”. 


It is by far one of the biggest changes I have made in my life.


Being in the moment sounds easy, but with all we do daily and multi-tasking being the norm it is really a challenge at times. 


It also requires the efforts of those around you who also want the same.


Otherwise you end up being in the moment all by yourself and that I know was not the plan.


So being in the moment is a way of putting all that you have of you into whatever you’re doing at that moment. No cell phone, no nothing it’s  just you taking in the everything..


That has become very important to me because I am important to me and so is my time and my energy and wasting either is a no no.


It happens oh for sure it happens, this is progress NOT perfection so when I begin to notice it happening I gently correct it.


This became so important to me over this summer when I had the extended visit (which I love) with one of my favorite people, my grandson. 


Yes I am a grandmother and I love it. It has nothing to do with age as I thought before and everything to do with being you. 


So in showing my grandson how being in the moment is actually the fun part of whatever our adventure may be.


We both learned how being in the moment is where we want to be.


Well that’s what is important to me.


Sure there are lots of other things, but not right now and not today.


So what’s important to you??  


Talk to you soon,


Happy Girl



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