Living a Purpose-Driven Life


Can living a purpose-driven life be a road map to your success? Well that depends on who you ask, for many that is exactly what it meant. So why not you?

There seems to be an unwritten rule that some people will succeed no matter how little they try and that others will fail regardless of how hard they try.

The truth of the matter is that we all live in an existential framework where we are all presented with opportunities to pursue our purpose in life.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds that are stacked against a considerable number of people, there are more than a few people that have accomplished their goals.

Interestingly enough, many of the people that have achieved success, don’t necessarily come from a privileged background, but they have one thing in common.

They are able to embrace the opportunities available to them, and through hard work, they were ultimately able to become successful.

Simply embracing their opportunities wasn’t the only thing they had in common but it was part of the mix for many. Sometimes opportunities presented themselves at a later stage so pay attention.

The biggest commonality would be they have found a way to live purpose-driven lives. When you look at the data available on the lives of people who have found success, you will find that because of their determination to find success, they were able to form a solid support system and have a sophisticated and well researched toolkit that they use to confront the challenges they face on their journey.

People who are determined don’t find success by accident; instead, they have trained themselves always to think and troubleshoot before they undertake any projects and pursuing specific causes.

Their toolkit contains many valuable resources, including resourceful people and mentors, ways to cope with uncertainty and negativity, positive visualization techniques, goal setting strategies, and alternative courses of action when they run into roadblocks and face challenges.

With this determination, you can’t afford to scroll through life without having a clear understanding of your potential, goals, and personal strengths.

In an effort to increase each person’s chance in achieving personal success I have put together the most needed, not required resources that occur in many journeys taken to their personal success.

This is not an all-inclusive list and it does not by any means guarantee anything. It offers suggestions and alternatives to many choices that could be helpful when faced in unknown territory. I will update this as more info is available.

Things to include in your personal success toolkit:

*Determination to succeed has to be at the top of your list. If you never give up you will ultimately succeed.

*Educate yourself by reading the stories of known people that had success in their journey. This will give light to roadblocks that may be avoided if known ahead of time. It will also give insight on how to prepare yourself.

*Knowing that you might need to alter your path to achieve the same goal. There is always more than 1 way to achieve a goal so be sure you have looked into the alternatives if you find yourself unable to move forward at the moment.

*Talk with teachers and mentors when you need additional answers. They can give input that may stir up the answer within you.

*Learn methods in analyzing situations that deal with uncertainty and negativity so your reaction to these situations does not stifle your progress.

*Enhance your outcome by practicing positive visualization techniques that support your goal.

*Use a goal setting strategy that has worked for you in the past so you feel confident in the goal path created.

*Have a clear understanding of your potential in the area you choose. This includes knowing your personal strengths.

*Give daily thanks and gratitude to your higher power and those around you. Nothing is more powerful than true sincerity. 

You may need more than this you may not need any of this but for success you can never be to prepared, that is for sure.

If you want to be able to discover and understand your purpose, you have to set aside time to think about the things that make you genuinely happy. This becomes your path of passion and the moment you discover it; you need to pursue it to the very end.

If your struggling to find your purpose know that we all have one. In the book by Cam Woodsun “The Purpose Driven Life”, he guides you to your purpose in about 40 days. Now achieving your purpose is your path but know we all have it within us to succeed. 

I wish you all that is good in your pursuit to your success you contain everything you need so look inside yourself and never doubt what you can achieve.

Thanks for being here. Until next time.

Happy Girl




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