Loving Who You Are

Love Yourself
Love Yourself

Every day you look in the mirror and see a reflection of who you are.

Do you like what you see?

Many times, I have found myself looking in the mirror and not being too happy with what I saw.

For one reason or another what I saw was just not me or the “Me” I wanted to see.

So yes some of it was and still is superficial, I have to admit that I want to look good not like a supermodel or someone else but I want to feel good being me.

I want to feel good in my own skin whether it is work in progress or not.
Being able to like how I look whether I have makeup on (very rarely) or not.

I hope you do like what you see but if not it is important to look a little deeper because you are so much more than a reflection in a mirror.

So much more…

Throughout your life your body goes through various changes so you  might think you would be used to it.

Depending on your heritage some transformations are cultural.
It probably would be easier;

No, it most definitely would be easier to like our own bodies if you stopped comparing yourself to others first.

But, you do it anyway and yes everybody does it.

Maybe you have a few pounds to lose or gain?

I know I do. Yep I do and that varies for me, as I am sure it does for you. I want to gain muscle and lose some pinches here and there.

I have always considered myself a work in progress. Still do but a lot of it has to do with our meat suit and the care it is given.

My meat suit as well as your meat suit is everything visually seen when looking at ourselves.

 Being the perfect species is our gift given to us as we come into existence.

Our adaptability to survive in every type of habitat and climate around the world is where our strengths truly shine globally.

It is just sad that the petty struggles of power our government uses to blind us and stifle progress time after time comes to us in the form of chaos and is intended to keep us under their control.

You and I know they use manipulative tactics in advertising to shame us into thinking if only I looked like …(fill in the blank) happiness is surely around the corner.  Lies, Lies, Lies

But I digressed.

I am by no means striving to be perfect nor will I or have I ever been working towards someone elses perception of perfection.

And yes you and I are perfect in a sense of who we are. That does not mean your physical self can just do whatever.

It is a responsibility to maintain this meat suit so it will last the duration you need. If you fail to care for it, you will be condemning yourself to a less than full life that is possible for you. 

In my world, one of my gifts is being able to appreciate my many imperfections and using them as a reinforcement of the bigger picture and where I fit in with it all.

I also know that much of the time that is tough.

So without further ado let me reach down into my arsenal bag of tricks that I use daily to strengthen and enhance my superpowers.

As I reach inside I grab what I feel is wanting out

And so right off the top in effort to strengthen my will power I strive on the following:  Practice makes perfect.

You have heard it before so practice, practice, practice liking yourself. 

Strive to like and love yourself, your pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

Now that is just a saying so take it with a loving hand just as you would a child.

We are all children of someone no matter how old you are now.


Right after that comes. Progress not perfection.

Are we unfocusing yet?

I hope so, it is where all that is truly you exists.

Little steps can be huge in changing things you may or may not like about yourself.

So much happens on a daily basis that challenges us putting you and me in a constant struggle of chaos  that at times for me even writing  can be a chore.

I think for me it is more about having something I feel is worthy for you to read that keeps me from putting more out to you.

This last month has been an amazing journey.

I have traveled it feels like a gazillion miles in this short amount of time.

I have discovered so many awesome things and I bring it all to share with you.

Let me say that unfocusing has been the tip of the iceberg for me.
It chills me (get it) and thrills me and inspires me to be happier, to do good things and even more than that enjoy who I am. Pretty cool.

Most of all with just those 2 little sayings I can raise my head, look in the mirror and be happy with that person I see.

So write those down, put them somewhere so you can remind yourself of the gifts you do have not what you think you need or what you want because that kind of thinking is exactly what limits people, you, me, everyone.

So love who you are, look at yourself and remember your right where you’re supposed to be so make the best of it every day.

What your thoughts on that? 

Leave a comment or email me, I always love to hear what you have to say.


Miles of Smiles my friends,

Happy Girl

Ps.  Here a freebie your sure to enjoy its calledBeautiful Body’. Give it a read and if you know someone that you could share it with please do.


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