Never Give Up!!

Never Give Up
Make you happy.

Never give up, we have all heard it before. If you want something go for it and do not let anything get in your way.

There is a lot to be said for those who have held on to that statement to the end.

Did they succeed?

It all depends on the way you view success I would think. I for one have an amazing list of statements that point to the direction of success. 

Never give up or give in is on that list.

Never give up to me is not about willpower or following some unachievable path laid out by someone who already went that route. That was their path not necessarily your path or anyone else’s for that matter. It is certainly not about suffering through to the end in hopes all will be well.

Hell no, how could I ask that of myself or anybody or even begin to believe that would be a requirement in getting your happy back, it is not a requirement.

Yes, it has nothing to do with willpower but it has everything to do with won’t power.  Won’t power, so what is won’t power? It is different for everyone because it has to be. 

We are all too unique and our upbringings to varied for any of us to begin to think this is a one size fits all recipe.  It matters only to the individual and isn’t that what this journey is all about?

Now I always try to make things fun when there is a challenge and the challenge here being you figuring out the very ingredients to your own won’t power recipe.

So let’s pretend it’s one of your Super Powers and as we develop your superpower you will begin to also see it as one.

So where do we begin?

At the beginning of course, and that means you being very honest with what you want and even more honest with what you under no circumstances won’t tolerant in regards to your happiness. 

As you begin to list your won’ts’ down you will begin to see your superpower gain strength.

So get some paper (2) sheets and a pencil or pen and know that here spelling doesn’t matter and this list is for our eyes only.

You can get a copy of the blank cape here CAPE LINK 

At the top write the words ‘My Happiness’.

Take a moment thinking about what that means to you. Now under that draw, a makeshift cape with the words ‘My Super Powers’ at the bottom.

Now on the 2nd sheet of paper you begin your won’t list.

I will use my list as an example so you can see how this works.

So on my list at the top I wrote, ‘My Won’t List’ now below that I have the following:

1. I will not tolerate my feelings being invisible, no I won’t.

2. I will not tolerate my values being ignored, no I won’t.

3. I will not tolerate my dreams being forgotten, no I won’t.

4. I will not tolerate my voice being silenced, no I wont.

Keep writing your list until you have written the main ideas of what you feel is you, has meaning to you, makes you happy and want more of in your life.

Great start, so now take the one main word out of each sentence and write it on your cape.

So my cape starts out with, Feelings, Values, Dreams, Voice.

Now for each word on your cape think of 2 or 3 words that share that meaning for you and add them to your cape.  As you do you will see your cape gain strength and your superpower begin to emerge.

So how did you do?

Now, do you see how this would be different for everybody?

So the value of knowing your superpower AKA your won’t power is truly a gift. It empowers everything you need to succeed in getting your happy back.

Knowing what you truly won’t tolerate when it comes to your happiness is as important as knowing what makes you happy.

So what has this to do with the title of this post?

Everything, it is my superpower, just look at my cape.

Feel free to post your cape or leave a comment or both. Thanks for stopping by and I have a free gift for you. 

It’s called Protect Your Personal Power and I think you will like it.

Talk to you soon,

Happy Girl


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