Restore Order To Your Life

Time To Restore Order

Restoring order to your life could be just the thing to start this new year off to make 2022 awesome. So if you answer yes to feeling like some days that you have totally lost control over your existence in this world. Then stick around.

Because if that is you, just feeling this way is numbing and overwhelming and can even leave you wondering what the point of it all is and we do not want that.

It is possible you are at point in your life that is confusing and change is the last thing you want but that is what life is about.

When there are so very many things that exist that pull you in directions other than ones you want to be part of it is time to look at what it is your choosing. Maybe that is exactly what your life is telling you, your just not listening.

Life is about many things, we are all on a different path. Overall mostly learning to love unconditionally, helping each other. It might not seem like that would be it since most people are so self-absorbed  they would not have time to help anyone out.

So if your wanting to shine a light so you can see what path to take then keep reading and decide for yourself.

Then get back on a track that is more about you than anybody else and you should feel a gentle pull towards the change.

The first thing you have to do is to be accepting to the fact that you must take action to improve your life. It is going to take some work and it will also take some time.

Be at peace with this and know that change does not happen overnight, but also remember that gradual changes are habits that gain so much momentum that they tend to last.

So first and foremost you need a plan a written plan for you to put into action step by step. Once you can clearly state out loud or on paper what you do want, you can begin to add answers to what your plan is creating.

It really must be written if not it rarely works to just talk about changing. You would of done that already. If a written plan is a problem then ask yourself what is it that is stopping you.

Mental and emotional blocks do have to be lifted in order to let these changes happen, and these are rarely issues you can just physically overpower. 

As you build upon your feelings that desire change, first identify the parts of your life that you wish to change. It is important to clarify the negatives objectively and with detachment.  To do that it is easier to look at the negatives as if they were a close friends and you are helping their situation.

In doing that you take the focus off yourself and allow yourself a opening to receive the information that you likely know already. We all have within us answers that we just have not been hearing ourselves saying but really need to start listening to.

Once you can clearly state what you want to change you will start seeing the contrasts that lead you to what you really do want instead.

To give yourself the best chance of success in making changes be sure to eat right, get plenty of rest, exercise every day and focus on you and only you at the times you are eating resting and exercising.

Take care of yourself so that you can take care of business.

Much like physical exercise you have to change up your workouts to keep your body from getting used to certain activities, you need to keep your mind and heart freshly entertained and away from boredom too.

Once you are unblocked, you should start noticing you are happier and have more energy. Do not overdo things. Take baby steps towards your goals. Try and focus on an initial three week period of a new behavior so that you can form a habit.

 It is sound habits that will carry you to success over time, not desire or willpower. Reprogram yourself for success.

Take time to stop and look back from time to time, but not to reflect on what you missed or lost. Focus on what you have got done. 

Your plan should highlight your journey and the changes that you are happy and proud about. Remember these moments, so your collection of achievements become the true you as you continue your path.

In summary here are steps you should include in your plan to restore order to your life.

  1. The first thing you have to do is start accepting the fact that you must take action to improve your life
  2. Prepare your plan by making a rough draft of ideas and what comes to you in the form of solutions.
  3. Begin to look at the negatives objectively so you can clearly state the problem you are taking action on.
  4. Write you plan and include  minimum of 3 weeks process to instill change and new habits  to begin.
  5. Maintain progress by eating well, getting sleep, exercising regularly, focus on you.
  6. Journal daily on your progress and any things that may have surfaced that you were not aware of at the time you wrote your plan.
  7. Weekly on Sunday re-evaluate you status and modify if needed. Do not quit, you can do this for 21 days. Note your accomplishments no matter how small you may feel they, because they all add up.
  8. Remember small baby steps. If you run into a problem take a break and take a bath, go for a run, meditate, what you want is to allow yourself the silence to come up with the answer.
  9. If you get no answer rinse and repeat, the answer will come.
  10. Note to self. There will be people family friends that will try and discourage you from this change, be prepared. They are the same ones that you may have took advice from at some point. You do not need any bodies advice now. 
  11. At the end of 21 days review and re-evaluate your plan. Rest and see where you are at with where you want to be and how far you may still need to go. Now you know how.

Be dedicated and make a commitment, to yourself so you can start slowly regaining control over your life. Apply the ideas presented in this article, and you will start feeling more and more in charge with every passing day.

Feel free to share your progress and if you need any moral support I am here for you.


Talk to you soon,


Happy Girl

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