Step 1 – So you want to be happy?

Being Happy

So you want to be happy?


Here is what you need to know to get started.


How to start your adventure to Happy Land.


When going somewhere, it is a good idea to make it an adventure, exploring new territory as you go, is what an adventure is about. 

You feel excited inside about the unknown.    


An adventure awaits you.


As with all adventures, the destination is the goal, the final hurrah, so just as you painstakingly planned your trip to the Bahamas, or Las Vegas or even just to see family, you made a plan.


You do not just wake up at the destination without a plan, if you did then your adventure began at home and that is a different topic altogether.


Therefore, for this adventure to Happy Land you need a plan, now do not fret I have all the details needed to get you there.


Be happy don’t worry…


 If you have been mulling around in the unknown abyss trying to get your happy back without a plan thinking if I only smile more at least I will look happy. If looking happy was all you really wanted then I guess that would do. It is a step in the right direction. 


There is a lot said about smiling that even if you are faking it your brain does not really know the difference a smile is a smile to your brain and it reacts with endorphins as a result.


A smile is not what being happy is all about; it is more of a symptom of feeling happy. You do not want to fake being happy. So on to the adventure.


Not so fast, you need to be prepared.


Just like the trip you went on for your vacation there were a few things you needed to get ready. Some things are required for your adventure but like I said earlier don’t worry you will be prepared in very little time.


It is a fact you see on a daily basis that being happy seems simple enough for some people, they seem to have a good grasp on it. 


Every day you see people go about their daily lives and being happy for them is easy, they probably don’t even think about it.


If you asked them, they would say something like, “Only you can make you happy,” or “It’s a choice and I choose to be happy”. Simple is as simple does. 

Then there are other people like you (yes there are others) and for them and you happiness seems to be a challenge that stems on the impossible and is always just out of reach.


When asked the most likely reply would be saying something like, “If only I could (fill in the blank) then I would be truly happy”, or “As soon as I get (fill in the blank) then I’ll be truly happy”. 


They know they want it and most already know what they need to do to get it.


So what is the problem there?


The main problem for most people is actually getting started. The task seems daunting and because this is new territory, it is uncomfortable. 


Are we not creatures of habit??


Yes, we are creatures of habit so when faced with a choice of being comfortable and uncomfortable the most likely choice is a no brainer. 

So we choose comfortable and remain bound to exactly what we didn’t want.


The adventure to Happy Land begins…


On to begin this adventure to Happy Land…But first I must tell you that being happy is and always will be a work in progress.

Even after you have reached the final destination it is important for you to know what that really means.


Happiness is a combination of two things.


So to start the best place is always the beginning so that is where we will start and that begins with knowing the answer, to what we really want here.


So on to Step 2 Click here.


That is if you are ready.


What 2 things do you think Happiness is a combination of? Read on and find the answer to that in step 2.


Before you go on leave a comment on what you think it is.


Miles of Smiles,


Happy Girl



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