Step 2 – What is happiness?

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What is happiness?


In its simplest form, happiness is the combination of just two things.


The first thing is figuring out how satisfied you are with your life at this very moment.


So lets do that so take a moment, think about it, and give it a number from 1 to 100. (100 being the highest)


This will be your baseline.


The second part of the combination is to know how good you feel on a daily basis. Once again give it a number, you will need to pick a number even though it changes daily, you are setting a baseline of how good you feel on any given day.


So knowing that happiness is a combination of those two things and knowing where you fall in is the perfect place to begin your adventure. So pack your bags, take your dog to daycare, and get excited. 


Ready set …


When you start to look at happiness, you will see that the adventure itself is truly different for each and every person.

It means one thing to one person while something totally different to another. For that reason, the path that anyone takes will be different, even if it is the exact same path. Though similar no two paths are ever alike.


Are you still with me?


There will be some similarities throughout your adventure and those similarities can be compared once happiness is found. For those who seem to be on a never ending path is there a plain and simple shortcut?  


Well “Yes”, and “No”.


Yes there is a shortcut but no it is not plain and simple. What is not plain and simple is the shortcut itself. Sounds contradictory but what it means is happiness is achievable for everyone, yes everyone and getting there (taking the shortcut) is what I am here to share with you.


I am giving you the shortcut but your personal adventure to Happy Land begins with you and ends with you. So keep reading and I will explain that in detail.


Let the adventure begin…


Another reason for the adventure mindset is that it makes you an active participant. You will not be able to see your happiness come to life, thrive and grow if you’re outside looking in like a spectator waiting for the show to start.


This is your life and the show has already begun. Now for those of you just getting on the adventure bus to happiness, it is important you know what it looks like when you get there.

How will you know when you get there??

Since you are heading out on your adventure to Happy Land knowing the following traits and similarities shared by happy people, will also help you make some adjustments along the way. 

Seems fair to share them here and now so you will know when you get there.

The 7 traits that are shared by happy people.

These are the seven most common traits shared by happy people. If you look at these traits as little mini goals, achieving some faster than others along the path you will soon have a lot of the ground work accumulated before you know it.

  • Happy people have a true sense of purpose in and with their life.
  • Happy people are sincere and dedicated in their beliefs.
  • For many happy people, faith in God brings them happiness, hope for the future and a sense of purpose.
  • Happy people generally are giving people; giving brings the giver joy if done with a true attitude of giving for the sake of giving.
  • Happy people are usually optimists; they prefer to see the world and things in a halo of goodness.
  • Happy people are aware of their blessings.
  • Happy people are also thankful for the things in their life, and for the people and relationships in their life.

I am sure you can check at least a few off the list already and the others to be achieved as well as many more happy traits that are just yours.

Now you have a glimpse of what to look for in yourself and then we can fill in the missing parts. 

Since you will be on your own on this adventure I also want to point out the importance of those friends and family members that support your adventure. 

Do not just leave everyone out.


Nurture your special relationships with family and friends.


It is important for you to start now nurturing your special relationships with family and friends. In doing this you will develop support for the times when you will need it.


You will need to set those negative relationships aside.


For the sake of happiness, you will need to think about any negative relationships that you have now the ones that do nothing except bring you down; you will need to set those relationships aside.


Nothing personal, okay maybe a little personal.


That is the nicest way I could think of saying it, look at it as moving on because you have outgrown that way of thinking. 

It is possible to waste a lot of time trying to get others to see things from your perspective when you do not really need their approval to succeed.


Do you really have time for all that?


You know the answer to that.


Now for many people optimism does not come naturally. If that is you then you will need to own it and then take it easy on yourself, so lighten up!


The happiest people are optimists; they are always looking on the lighter and brighter side of life.


If you are online often, have the joke-of-the-day sent to you. 


Try not to be afraid of laughing; laughing releases endorphins in your brain which is an ingredient required on your adventure. 


Exercise also release endorphins so keep your workouts regular to keep you well balanced.


So that was quite a lot of stuff you might want to read through it once more..


So is where is your happiness adventure headed?


It is ok if you are not ready to share that because I am hoping your seeing it all different now and that is ok. Three Cheers for all of you that do see it different now, but even if you don’t yet don’t step off, you have only just gotten your feet wet. 


Still I would like to hear what your thinking


If you want to comment feel free.


So on to Step 3 or if need to start from the beginning go to Step 1

Talk to you later


Happy Girl


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