Step 3 – A New Way of Thinking.

A new way of thinking…


You will need to consciously look for the brighter side in your everyday situations throughout the day; so instead of instantly thinking something will not work, you will need to think about how it could work, how it would work, how it will work.


Visualize it already happening…


If you need to, visualize it already happening, try creating more than one scenario of success for the situation at hand. 


The more ways you create success in reaching your destination the more likely you will get there.


Now the next one is easy, but because it is easy it is easily overlooked and it is one of the building blocks you will need to succeed.


Be mindful of how blessed you are right now…


You will need to be mindful of how blessed you are right now no matter where you are at, no matter what stage you are in; you have things in your life right now that you need to acknowledge as a blessing.


Not sarcastically, that is the old you thinking, the happy you needs to see and be thankful for even the smallest of blessings.


Got a job? Be thankful.


In a good relationship? Be thankful.


Thankfulness will lead to happiness every time.


So that is it that is all there is to it.


It will be a new way of thinking until it becomes second nature.


Well I can hear you asking already.


How does having a purpose and giving, being optimistic and thankful how is that going to make you happy?


As I explained earlier this is a shortcut to happiness you will need to know all the above to truly be successful at being happy.


Being happy is really just a result, although you can easily be happy on your way to it if you know where that is.


Do you know where that is?


It is easier than you think.


I would never leave you hanging so to Step 4


So how we doing so far?


I am proud of you and would love to hear how you feel so far?


Leave a comment and share

I know this has been a lot of steps but remember there is no hurry baby steps is better than quitting.


Quitting is NOT an option.


Miles of Smiles,


Happy Girl


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