Step 4 – So where is your Adventure?

So where is your adventure?


The one that only you can give life.


It lives in you; you have known probably bits and pieces of it all along.


Then for some reason, you quit maybe without even knowing you quit.


You quit trying to seek out that which only you desire.


But why? I am sure you can give lots of reasons now.


I do not want your list of reasons.


They only reinforce the why of where you are at now.


Maybe you thought you were not good enough or maybe someone said you could not or should not be that.


You kids, a job, school.


Well what you had was life.


Life happened…


Life happened and you did what a million no a billion plus people do each day of each year.


They sacrifice what they love for the now of what they need to do.


No one told them to do this it was a justification each person makes for himself or herself.


I really do not know why but when you hear someone who says, “Well we had kids”, “We got married”, “We got new jobs”, that is there way of justifying why they gave up their dream.


Life became more hectic not less…


Some people may even try later but the momentum is gone and any support they may have had is even less. To add to it your life became more hectic not less and there are no more hours in the day since I last checked.


So once again you quit or don’t even start. With enough doubt in your life, even the most gifted would fail. Why?


We want people to believe in our dreams…


The fact is we want people to believe in our dreams and when they don’t we feel we are not worthy of those dreams. Not everyone thinks that way, but I would say a huge percentage do.


But do yourself a favor and ask your kids, your spouse, even your work, “If I had the chance to make my dreams come true, even though it won’t be easy, should I do it?”


I truly do not believe anyone wanted you to sacrifice your dreams for your life you have now. That was not supposed to work that way. It was not going to be easy, it never is.


It’s part of the journey and it included your kids your spouse, your job. Those were not final destinations unless you made it that way.



So you took that job that you didn’t like because it paid the rent and you hung with those negative people because their your friends and have been forever…see anything wrong here???


Maybe you see it now, maybe you don’t, so what is it that is missing? It’s the heart of the sacrifice you made.


The heart of the sacrifice…


And it is not what you think it is.


Well did you take a guess??


The missing piece is passion,  



P – A – S – S – I – O – N


Defined as a strong feeling or emotion or an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire.


Passion fuels the happiness…


Passion fuels the happiness when you have passion for something you have an endless supply of fuel for whatever you need.

Passion becomes the reason for many things.


Once you have passion in your life for something, the world is a different place.


The adventure as mentioned before is different for everyone it is YOUR adventure it’s the adventure you were meant to take.


It is why you are here reading this now.


Therefore, it does not matter if you are just starting now, this is your time to shine.


So how do we find our passion?


Well onto the next step and find out.

So on to Step 5 your gonna like this.


Before you go though I would like to hear if your feeling any different by now.


Leave a comment.



Talk to you soon,


Miles of Smiles,


Happy Girl


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