Step 5 – The 6 benefits of finding your passion.

So how do you find your passion?


Before you go off in search of it you might want to know the benefits you will receive. These benefits begin almost immediately; and many of them will be gathered along the way. So just beginning your adventure will set the wheels in motion.


The 6 main benefits of finding your passion.



By finding your passion, you will set your personal power ablaze in a new and at first a strangely awkward place that will awaken you to the beauty of the world.

You are likely to notice things that you would have over looked because before now they had no meaning for you.



With passion, it becomes much easier to see things in a  positive light. It is like having a cheerleader there at all those important times that would of otherwise slipped right by without a second thought.

Remember you need to mentally acknowledge your achievements and successes making a mental note.



Checking it off the list of needed steps required to complete your adventure. In doing this you are one step closer to finding your passion.



You spiritual adventure has either just begun or was restarted from a time of hibernation. That in itself is a whole different adventure. You can read about that here.



Finding your passion works full circle for you. Where you once wondered how you were going to be more giving the changes taking place to your thoughts, perceptions and feelings have already started.


Meaning now you will know without a question of doubt how to be more giving.


It is interesting how being more giving gives you strength. It just does and in doing so you will become more thankful.


You now see your blessings easily and are thankful for them. This was an area you previously had a hard time finding.



Other benefits…

There are many more benefits.


What do you think are additional benefits once you find your passion?


Leave your answer in the comments.


Well this is not over yet just a few more steps to go.


So on to Step 6…

Talk to you soon,


Happy Girl


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