How Your Super Powers Help You

Super Hero
Super Hero

What super powers?


You have always had something you were good at but what about those things that you are great at. You could have been born with it or worked very hard to attain that skill. Maybe you feel that skill just is not super enough or important enough but then again why would you, it never mattered before.



Exactly the point being different used to be not very important sometimes to the point of alienation. She talks to animals, he can tell you when it’s going to rain, the list goes on and those are unique and specific super powers.



Some could make you famous some could alienate you some could change the world.



Standing next to the animal linguist or one who could change the world it becomes easy to see why my skilled gifts of recognizing bird calls to a specific bird is nothing to brag about. Having a so called green thumb, being a natural in sports or any specific field is so much more glamorous than having super sonic hearing.



How can this any of this be important at all? It is because your happiness depends on it. Taking back your happiness can be scary especially if its been pushed down, held back or in recovery phase, at those times you are protecting your happiness and yourself from possibly being let down somewhere along the path.



Have you ever thought oh things are to good to be true when will this all come crashing down. So before it does you step away quietly and let it pass you by. By letting life pass you by your powers no matter what they are get weaker and weaker. Where am I going with this?



In “Getting your Happy Back” it becomes important to understand what happened so you don’t allow it to happen over and over. No One is happy 24/7 365+ days a year it is just not possible, but you can be happy everyday no matter what is going on around you (too zombie like) but that is not what you want either.



The goal is to discover your gifts and in doing so uncover or discover your passion, because that is the fuel that can power up your happiness. Happiness then becomes everything you do.



Each of us are unique, amazing and were given gifts at birth. It is said if you don’t use them, you lose them and I fear that has happened one to many times. So just think what is it? What is your super power? Because you do have them and usually there are more than one.


So today we are going to uncover some because it is important and yes each of you are different, we all are which means there are powers out there you know nothing of. I believe that someday these powers will be called upon so lets get them ready and in doing so discover who you really are and why your so amazing.



Lets uncover some soul threads and power up your super hero cape. Why not? Exactly, so either way this soul thread that is part of you is a thread to be sewn into your super power cape.



Now I know that the cape has been the down fall of many super hero’s’, so let your cape be invisible to everyone except you, non-flying but super powered all the same. Just like Clark Kent you need not let everyone know everything.



So when it comes to individual super powers there is one you have always known about and probably overlooked. It is common knowledge to most everyone and many struggle with it on a daily basis. Many have used this power to achieve their goals some did not even know they used it but they did all the same. So what is it?



The super power I am referring to is the almighty “Willpower”. Willpower has been the force of many who have succeeded to finding their passion or passions in life. Shear willpower has laid the path for countless others and willpower will be the driving power for many more, but again that was their path, their route, their journey, not everybody’s. 


If you think that’s a bunch of crap, well how could you, you know that to be true.



There is another power not spoken much of in fact I think I am the only one who believes in it, but I do believe in it all the same. This power stems from your soul threads and they have been there all along. This power fuels the never give up, never give in attitude it takes to keep going when most would have quit.



So what does this super power or any power have to do with “Getting Your Happy Back”?



A lot really, because knowing your super powers allows the you that is probably unknown to many, maybe everyone you know and empowers your power and you to be stronger and value who you are and what you really have passion for. Now that will of course bring you some happy back.


So Yes, willpower is important this has nothing to do with willpower but it has everything to do with ‘Won’t Power’.  


Won’t Power? So what is won’t power? Interesting enough is that it is different for everyone because it has to be. 



You are all too unique and your upbringings to varied for anyone to begin to think that this is a one size fits all super hero cape. 


All of your capes our different and tailored to each one of you just as each of your journeys are meant to be. It matters only to the individuals journey.



The challenge here being you discovering the very threads you hold that will sew together the fabric of your super powers and super hero cape so you yourself can see it.


Your cape will include of course some of your willpower super powers but it is your won’t powers that need to be uncovered. Why?



Well because when it comes to your happiness what your willing to do is often quite clear, it is what your not willing to do that has the power to hold you back when it really should not.


You wont power gives you courage and strength when times are tough and your wont power keeps your values clear and true to who you are.



It is easier to show you. So lets say wont power is one of your Super Powers (because it is) and as we develop your superpower you will begin to also see it as one.



So where do we begin? First off you will need to be very honest with what you want and even more honest with what you under no circumstances will not (won’t) tolerate in regards to your happiness. 


Then you will create a list of your wont’s down here you are laying out the threads that will bind together with your willpower creating moral fabric strong enough for your journey, which is what you need it for.



You will need that to support your happiness as you pursue your passion. 


Passion never sits still it is constantly changing and growing as you grow. So by uncovering your super powers you will be supporting your passion whether you have found or not. As long as you do not give up you will succeed.


So get a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen and this list is really for your eyes only.




You can get a copy of the blank cape here CAPE LINK . So print it out, or download it into an editor.




At the top you see the words “My Happiness” at the bottom the words “My Super Powers”.




Now on the sheet of paper you will begin to write your won’t list.


Take a moment thinking about what happiness, your happiness means to you.


What is it you have been missing? What makes you smile, laugh, things you are good at, great at, love to do.


Even if there different, it is time to unleash you.



I will use my list as an example so you can see how this works.



So on my list at the top I wrote, ‘My Won’t List’ now below that I have the following:



  1. I won’t allow my feelings to be invisible, no I won’t.
  2. I won’t tolerate my values being ignored or disregarded, no I won’t.
  3. I won’t have my dreams being forgotten, no I won’t.
  4. I won’t let my voice be silenced and not matter, no I wont.

Now add to the list your known powers the easy ones the ones you have always had.



Here’s a short list of mine. I could go on but you get the point.



  1. I am a super baker, pies, cookies, cheesecakes, candy.
  2. I am great with animals they love me, I know what they are thinking.
  3. I love to play and this attracts people, mostly kids.
  4. I am willing to learn anything.
  5. I love to write.

Keep writing your list until you have written the main ideas of what you feel is you, has meaning to you, makes you happy and want more of in your life.


Great start, so now take the one main word out of each sentence and write it on your cape.



So my cape starts out with, Feelings, Values, Dreams, Voice, Baker, Animals, Play, Learn, Write.



Now for each word on your cape think of a few more words that share that meaning for you and add them to your cape. You can also just add more to lists and choose from there.  As you do you will see your cape gain strength and your superpowers begin to emerge.



Now, do you see how this would be different for everybody?



So the value of knowing your superpowers AKA your will & won’t powers is truly a gift. It empowers everything you need to succeed in getting your happy back and discovering your passion.



Knowing what you truly won’t tolerate when it comes to your happiness is as important as knowing what makes you happy.




See my superpowers, just look at my cape, its beautiful.


Feel free to post your cape or leave a comment or both. 


Thanks for stopping by and I have a free gift for you. 

It’s called Protect Your Personal Power and I think you will like it.


Talk to you soon,



Happy Girl




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