The Happiness Code 2022

Live Life on Purpose

Living a Life of Purpose

The year is 2022 and you are looking back on the past 10 years of your life… evaluating… reflecting…

Did I make a difference? When you know your life purpose and what you are here to do, your life has meaning. What was the meaning of the past 10 years of your life?

Most people miss out on discovering their purpose, and this prevents them from being truly happy. We all want to know that we are unique, important, and special. But for people who are living self focused, and self absorbed lives happiness is elusive.

Feelings of emptiness, or that something’s missing is what fills the time that isn’t occupied with meaningless to do lists, schedules, routines and busyness.

Is most of this done just to keep the deep emotions away? To control every aspect of life in an attempt to control the feelings that they fear the most? Yet, these unwelcome feelings persist.

Are you a human doing, or a human being? One of the worst things for many is to have quiet time alone because the empty feelings can be overwhelming. It’s a sign that something in your life needs to change. 

Now you only need to find the courage to change it. Can you find 20 seconds of courage regularly throughout the day? Your life can change 20 seconds at a time with a new decision.

Happiness is not found in the momentary pleasures of more things that money can buy. That’s why so many mega lottery winners wind up broke and unhappy within two years.

The Hollywood model of fame and fortune is filled with the relentless unhappiness of multiple divorces, drug and alcohol addictions, and wondering who isn’t interested in using you and taking from you.

Believing that happiness is found in the pursuit of more achievement and stuff can provide moments of pleasure, but it’s all superficial fluff. It doesn’t keep the emptiness away. Digging deep, just below the surface there’s underlying sadness, and people will fill their lives with the most unimportant things in order to avoid feeling that.

If it’s not about me, what’s life about? According to Human Needs Psychology, the only way to feel fulfilled is to grow and contribute beyond ourselves. For some people, lifelong learning for the purpose of sharing their wisdom is enough to make their hearts sing. 

  • What causes your creativity to flow? 
  • What makes your heart sing? 
  • What can you do that causes time to fly by?

We all know people who make us feel good when we are around them.

  •  Can you make a stranger smile today? 
  • Can you give someone a gift by your words that they will remember and cherish?

 Imagine what that might be…

How do you feel about your future? What do you imagine your life to be like 10 years from now? If you know that your life is filled with purpose, you can easily imagine a bright future.

The sense of aliveness with how you can contribute to that purpose is a motivating force for so many who have discovered their Why. Why am I here?

It’s all in your hands. What do you want the next 10 years of your life to be like? When you look back in 10 more years… 

  • Will you have lived fully? 
  • Will you have loved completely? 
  • Will you have found your purpose? 

Your true happiness is really just a side effect, or a byproduct of living your purpose. You can wake up every day feeling happy no matter what the circumstances. 

Will you write a new chapter in your life, or continue your old story? Help is only a mouse click or phone call away.

Every day you lose another chance to make your life the incredible adventure you deserve. Pretty soon you run out of days. Decide!



Source by Jeff Forte

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