Time to Manage – Time Management

Time for change

Time management?



What a wonderful idea and a crazy, sometimes impossible farfetched skill I did not come by naturally.



I remember being way better at it than I have been lately. Lately I have been dragging my feet, not feeling at the top of my game.



Spinning my wheels getting nowhere, so not what I wanna be doing and definitely not what I NEED to be doing.



There was a time I had color coded my agenda and proudly it sat upon the wall. I truly did enjoy checking off the completed items one by one. Work time, study time, play time and oh yeah rest and relax time.


Back then I was taking classes at the college and working so my time was everywhere and keeping track required a plan without on most likely it would not have worked especially if I had tried to “wing it”.



Looking back now I really did get a lot done I was actually working two jobs and held a full load of classes.


Every Sunday I would take maybe 15 minutes no more, I would complete my agenda for the upcoming week.



Some things I would plan far out into the future. That way if something special was happening I had scheduled it in so not to miss that birthday party or my annual checkup or to get the dogs flea pills.


With a schedule like mine I knew if I really wanted to have some fun any fun at all I would really need to schedule that in, that’s how that all started you see.


So what happened? Well a lot happened and I achieved a lot.


The biggest problem I had with that is that my Daytimer, the book I kept everything in was only for a year and after that I found myself having to start over but for one reason or another I kept putting it off.


It happens you just keep telling yourself you’re going to do something and a gazillion other things pop up.


Well it happened to me and if your reading this then it has probably happened to you.


I kept telling myself that I needed a new Daytimer one that had removable pages so when next year came I would not have to start all over.


That is what I needed and I know they make them, I just needed to start looking, but I didn’t.



I procrastinated and then old behavior popped right back up.



I told myself I was fine, I was living in the moment.

Then a week goes by and then a month and slowly but surely, you find yourself on a path to nowhere.


Soon enough I was missing dentist appointments, birthday parties, and what I used to be able to get done in a hour was now taking all day.



So here I am to confess my sins and if any of you want to join in feel free.



Today not tomorrow, I make a promise and a plan to get it together and get myself back on track and that my friend starts here, right now with a plan.



It’s the first step.


Now let me also say that a lot of you may have your schedule in your computer or on your IPhone which is great and if you backup to the cloud fantastic.


For me I just prefer a place to write it out, having everything visual and seeing my schedule just works for me.


To each there own but the process is still the same.


So before I go find myself my new Daytimer, I get out a blank sheet of paper and start to make my plan.



Planning Ahead

I know some people hate planning. They want to live free and without anything tying them down. Spontaneous they call it, they do stuff on a whim.



If that works for you that is great, it just does not work for me.


Then there are those people who say no matter what they do when they plan something it never happens.



True plans never just happen, they require action and you will see where that falls in so read on.


Now the next part is my Achilles heel, I for one do not like to write my goals and future goals down.



When I hear the word goal, I think of something so out of reach that to waste my time trying to figure that all out is well futile.


So instead I have always looked at goals as my   “to do list”. 


In order to get what I want I need to “to do this or that”.

Now if you turn the “to do list” into tasks and now goals become tasks then by just completing your tasks you are achieving your goals.



With just a little effort, you can get what you want done, then on to the next task.


So to do that you will need to make a few changes.



First off try to foster the mindset that completing your tasks is achieving your goals. In doing so, it just might make you a goal setter.


But let us not get CRAZY here.


Just that one little change can truly be the difference in your success of actually maintaining your newly attained (or revitalized) skill.


Okay so back to planning.



Planning is a step to managing time.



The process of planning details the elements required to complete a specific task or goal.


So once you have all the details and you know the elements required to complete that step then you can break them down step by step into achievable tasks.



Time management is the process of making plans work, by developing skills and using actions that make the process run smoothly.


That is the process that you will continually complete task after task until you are done.


In order to complete those tasks you will need time.



Time is the element of all tasks, activities, responsibilities, goals and so on.



Time is essential, to everything you need to do.


You can start by understanding that time management is essential to the success of your plan and its outcome.



When you plan, you are creating tasks that you can achieve over a specified amount of time.


Taking the steps to developing a plan that works smoothly with your schedule, your situation, and your life is the one thing that is different for each of us.



You work, take care of a home, family, ourselves and other responsibilities every single day. So it makes sense to include all these little things into the big picture and your plan.


So write them into your schedule.


Once you remove them from your everyday trying to remember to do this or that you can easily focus on the task at hand without thinking you are forgetting something.


Staying focused means eliminating obstacles that block the visual path each of us are on.


When the mind is consumed with details relevant or irrelevant to what you want in life you will find it hard or impossible to focus.


Staying focused means to plan and move in motion with the plan, staying on the same path as you move along.


Staying focused on your plan results in completing the smaller tasks rather quickly, and the bigger tasks then become smaller tasks that no longer stand in your way.


You need motivation to bring forth a plan of action so each day you achieve your daily tasks. More on motivation later.

So what if something happens and you mess up?


This is progress not perfection and shit happens.


In fact, I guarantee it will happen and you will be thankful that you have a plan so you can adjust things.



You will be way more knowledgeable about what you can and cannot do when you can see your plan in its entirety.


Knowing what is already on the agenda will allow you to make adjustments.



There will also be times that you cannot adjust things and by no fault of your own you will need to decide a new plan of action.


It happens so do not think it does not happen.


When this happens, do not quickly make a decision, step back and really look at what has occurred for you particular situation.



Just remember your path in life will change many times and some things just are just not meant to be.


If you find that you are trying to achieve a goal and it keeps getting harder and more complicated, maybe you need to re-evaluate the path you’re taking to achieve it.



There is always more than one way to do something; you do not have to give up just try something different.


The key is to keep moving forward, yet try not to worry about everything you have no control over.

Do not fool yourself into believing that nothing ever changes.



If it is going to happen, it will. The fact is everyday all things are changing as a direct result of reality.

one so you can move on to the next task.


While no plan is bullet proof, a good plan is still possible.

It would be great if all our wasted time was stored up so you could pull out that extra 5 minutes and put it right where you needed it.



Here is the thing about wasted time, you do not get that back.


If you lose direction along your path, (if focused) you will notice the mistake quickly and be able to get back to your path faster.





These are the steps in managing time. Keep it simple while you are moving forward.




When a problem arises, be sure to take care of it immediately.





When you remove problems or deal with them as they arise, you are moving the bigger obstacles out of your path to managing your time wisely.


As I always say, “Don’t give up, and do not quit”.




Now for motivation, that is also needed. I do know that you will begin to get motivated by just starting your plan. It is exciting so get started writing things down to include in your plan.




Here are a few links regarding motivation and time management.




* https://www.worldtimeserver.com/learn/tips-to-help-you-manage-time-better-and-stay-motivated/

* https://www.time-management-success.com/time-management-and-motivation.html




I am off to get my new Daytimer…



If any of you are getting back on track with me let me know in comments or email me.



We could all use a little support.

Talk to you soon…




Happy Girl


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