What Values Do You Live By?

Unconditional Love
What do you value?

In times of crisis, when we all need to come together, there is an important part of you that rises to the top.

As things around you get less and less under your own control it’s important for you to be accountable for the actions you take, the values you live by and your individual code of conduct you uphold.

Maybe you have not thought about that before today thinking everyone has the same code to live by, but you know that really is not true.

The way you are raised, the people who you have contact with, the situations that you find yourself in impact your life and play a part in who you are and what you value. You know that to be true.

You have made this choice to ‘Get Your Happy Back’ so it becomes of utmost importance that your values align with that. It makes sense, right?

Why you ask?

Your values are what you stand for your uniqueness, the very essence of all you do and do not do.

Let me repeat boldly.

Your values are what you stand for your uniqueness, the very essence of all you do and do not do.

When you honor your personal values day in and day out you increase your fulfillment level which in turn increases your happiness.

It is actually one of the easier; day to day choices you will soon begin to make unconsciously that will have an effect on ‘Getting Your Happy Back’.

When you have no values it is easy to be manipulated into acting or doing things you would not have chosen on your own accord.

You could find yourself escaping into bad habits in an effort to make yourself feel better. Now I do not want you to go there so let’s see how you can create your personal code of conduct which will become a shield of armor in a sense.

You may think you already know this and it is easy to believe you do but I want you to be honest with yourself because knowing and accepting your values takes at first a conscious effort.

So are you ready?

Then let’s do this and see how you can create a code of conduct AKA moral values that will serve you in every area of your life no matter what you do.

Grab something to write them down on and be sure you do write them down this in itself shows your sincerity.

Now let me give a shout out to Scott Jeffrey who I love to read and implement many of his ideas and share much of that with you. You can read the exact article here.

Now with pen in hand list 5 to 10 things you value, these are the things that are most important to you.  Be sure not to just list what you think you should value off the top of your head because most of that tends to be influenced by society, culture and the media and social media being a major influence.

If you find that you have less than 5 values no worries this is a discovery process. If you came up with more than that great.

If not you might want to look at some online lists to see what you find. Try to not just select from the list but instead create your list. That is also why I am not putting examples I want you to put some thought in this.

While in the discovery process you want to clear your mind and not go for pre-conceived ideas and ideals. What you want to do is get into a beginner’s mindset.

If that is unfamiliar to you, you can read up about it here.    It is a free download from Scott Jeffrey that explains that in detail.

The mind of a beginner has no preconceived ideas and allows you to access your inner truth where your conscious mind is unaware and open to new ideas.

What is most important to you beyond those human basic needs we all have. Keep writing; keep thinking, then once you have a list of some sort move on.

Once you have a list you can decide which category they fall under.

Choose from the following 3 categories:

1. Accountability
2. Growth and development
3. Relationships

If your list was small or unrelated to any of the above areas you most likely need to give it a rest sleep on it and begin again.

Remember the reason you are doing this is so you begin to have values that mirror who you are and if not yet who you want to be.  Be realistic but also look deep inside yourself and find that which calls out to you, your true self. Your personal moral fibers that make you, uniquely you.

So how are you doing?

Yeah, I never said this was going to be easy but it’s important in the long term. Knowing some of your values is a start and once you have at least a small list you can begin to craft those values into statements that have meaning to you.

You can begin by taking the words with like meaning and including them together as you create your statement.

Do you see any that are like each other?

Again if not that is fine, developing your value statements is definitely as individual as you are. I doubt any two people have the same but they might.

Once you have value statements that roll off your tongue all willy-nilly you are going to be a more dedicated to each of them and as such all of them.

How can you begin to stand up for something you cannot even put into words? You feel me here.

So make your statements based on what you wrote down as important to you, then sleep on it, not literally (but it won’t hurt anything if you do). Then go over your values again and see if you have them in order of priority if not switch them around.

For the final test read them out loud as if you were telling someone else what your values are.  Do not be embarrassed by your values and if you are maybe, they need another revision.  You cannot begin to live by what you value if you cannot even speak of them.

This is going to be what you stand for, what you believe in and what you are willing to do whatever it takes if needed to make true.

Yes, it is kind of a big deal, a statement about your true self you’re inner being the fiber of that which makes you, YOU.

I hope to hear about some of your values, so please either leave a comment or continue to send them to me personally.  There is only one way to get this wrong and that is if you are afraid to be yourself and I hope none of you have to worry about that.

If so, please let me know so we can go in a different direction to get to the same result.  

There is always more than one way to get there. Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you very soon.  Be kind and mindful in all you do, it will always come back to you.

Happy Girl


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