What’s Your Game Plan?

My Game Plan
What is your game plan?

With all the things that are still in limbo it is of utmost importance that you get a new game plan.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is the topic everywhere. It will continue to be the topic for a while for sure. No one knows how long until this will all be over the end result is not clear at all.


You need to develop a new game plan that is specific to your needs right now.


So what does that mean for you?


First, you need to prioritize the input of information you are receiving daily.


Everything coming to you regarding (COVID-19) is overwhelming and if you are skimming through the details like so many of us do you miss a lot. You miss the parts you would have questioned previously.


Have you become to accepting of your rights being taken away?


You may have become to accepting that what you hear from the news locally or globally is fact.


Once upon a time the news was based on facts you could rely on.


Now the news is less facts and more about fluff like about who got the story first. 

Sad but true.


There should be many questions you need answered.


So why are you not asking them?


The information you get daily comes from many different agencies.


The many elected officials that have the opportunity to present a perspective that they would like your support on.


You get to hear their well-crafted speeches that are purposely vague conveying what (whether they know it as fact or not) they want you to support. At all times there is caution to what is said in an effort to refrain any hysteria or chaos in the masses.


That means not all the cards are on the table and little pieces intentionally are left out.


This makes it up to you to question what is unclear.

Do you believe everything that comes your way? 


You need to make changes you can justify in the effort to keep you & your family safe and your life enjoyable. Whether or not you believe we are all in this together will be of little comfort when your quality of life changes dramatically


So how do you deal with all these changes to your plans?


You make new plans, a new game plan to see you through all this.


You are going to have to include changes that before the pandemic were not even a factor.


This affects everyone in your family.

Creating a new game plan speaks volumes on what you value regarding how you live your life and the joy in living it and not merely existing.

So where does you, “Getting Your Happy Back”, fit in to all this?


Well by knowing, what your game plan is at this time more than any other time before you empower yourself via the universe by merely expressing your needs, values and vision. Just align them with that which maketh you happy and happy can be your new best friend. So one more time slowly for clarification.


By knowing, what your game plan is at this time more than any other time before you empower yourself via the universe by merely expressing your needs, values and vision.


Besides that by all means possible educate yourself on what a virus is, how it survives, ways to kill it, a little knowledge goes a long way and use that knowledge wisely.


This is a great time to learn something new and who knows where that will take you.


Now back to creating your game plan. 


Your game plan is for right now and you should be able to implement it right away, today. 


It needs to be a little exciting and include alternatives to your original game plan.

So if you did not have a game plan you can start one today right here right now. 


There is no reason to put this off and your happiness depends on it.


Okay you could still be happy but this is a tool to implement for the sake of “Getting Your Happy Back” and keeping it.


Your game plan is not about goal setting so stop moaning.


Your new game plan is all about focus.




Focus is the important element that when ignited energizes everything you do to meet, achieve, and even exceed your goals.


When you begin to focus clearly on a result you need to complete or achieve your rate of success multiplies 10 fold and gets just that much easier.


So what are you waiting for?


Focus is a way of prioritizing what is important and needs to happen to stay on track.


No matter what your goals are, focus & focusing will help you achieve them.


It sets the criteria needed to complete the tasks that make up the goal being satisfied.


Now let me say also that this new game plan for some will just be a few new additions to your existing plan and you will see what I mean shortly


For those without any plan as of today please read my post on time management here.


Then come back and pick up where you left off.


Now let us continue.


Most of you who follow me are very organized and have some type of schedule that prior to the pandemic you worked through daily.


When that schedule is at a standstill anxiety rises clouding the prior organized thought pattern that guided you.


Now besides the cloud of confusion, that sets in you will feel increased stress when changes affect how will everything that needed doing, get done.


The circle of anxiety and stress can be overwhelming especially when you factor in the unknown events of the future, daily news, social media input, and any information taken in whether it was verifiable or not.


In the last decade, the amount of information consumed on a daily basis has created an overwhelming amount of information overload.


When that started happening the brain began filtering through the chaos selecting that which it chooses as important.


This is different for everyone because it stems from values you have whether you are aware of them or not.


An article from Harvard Business Review by Srini Pillay on information overload states that, ‘ few people build the habits and lifestyles that allow for their brains to function at their best’. You can read about that here





The fact is you and I like it or not adapt to the changes no matter how catastrophic they are.


Earthquakes, tornados, and this pandemic all to will pass but you need to learn from it, that is how I got my new game plan, and the reason I think you should have one too.


When creating your new game plan be sure to input the what, the why and the how of the changes you plan to include.

Look at it as a supplement to your old game plan. In doing so you can begin today to incorporate changes that you feel are in you and your families best interest.


I am here to inspire you to engage in that which you need to get done to move you forward stay on task and be happy. Yes, that really is all possible even now.


Remember your game plan is a guide that you can change at any time to accommodate the changes you will encounter. If there is one thing that is for sure it is that change is just around the corner.


So be flexible change up your plan when needed and never be at a loss for not knowing what you can do next to get you where you need to be. Even at the most unsure of times your game plan can be your shining light at the end of the tunnel.


Feel free to email me a copy of your plan I would love to see it.


Last but not least be vigilant in the way you move forward from here on out.

You need to question the things that do not make sense to you.


Do not be afraid to ask questions and when you get an answer be sure it makes sense to you and if it does not, investigate why you feel that way.


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Talk to you soon,


Happy Girl


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