Who are you?

Blow bubbles
Blow Bubbles

What happened to you?

Have you forgotten who you are?  Are you being so complacent that what matters to you doesn’t matter anymore?

When was the last time you did what you wanted to do without having to compromise?

Yes compromising is good but not all the time there is a time and a place where you get to be you.  Or in all the busy days and weeks and months and years did you somehow forget about You?

Well that is how you lose yourself you forget that you even matter to the point you start believing it.

You sacrifice this for the good of that but really was that how that was supposed to work out? A lot of times we sacrifice only to find less and less things we actually get to enjoy like we want.

When did it become okay for everything we liked to be unimportant to those around us?

Do we not day and night support the dreams, the mishaps, the next hurray moment of those that we care and love?

So what about you?

Something tells me you have been doing that for so long you cannot even remember what you like to do.

That is how you lose yourself.

The sad part, yeah its sadder is that no one and I mean NO ONE is really going to care.

Why is that?

Well because you did not care enough so why would anybody else?

So there are many ways to lose your own sense of self.

We will be exploring you emotional self here since our emotions are so tied with how we feel on any given day.

I will be the first to say it has happened to me, yup I know you think I should of known better and now I do know better but before that I was lost in the abyss of everybody else cramping up my fun.

Here is an example, and although this happened years ago it affected me for longer than I care to admit.

I grew up loving to play I still love to play.

If I had a choice to sit on sidelines or play even if I didn’t know what to do I would play. I grew up with 3 older brothers who taught me how to do everything they did. Skiing was one of those things.

When other girls were sitting pretty on sidelines watching I was up on the hill with the boys readying myself to race to the finish.

It did not matter if I came in first, last or even wiped out. I just did not want to be sitting. However, this is not about skiing.

This is about a passion I had and still do for years.. I love to play hacky-sack. I remember after playing the very first time I could not get enough. I loved it. I went and bought me one.

As with anything if you want to be good you practice. I was all about practicing..

Needless to say I got pretty dang good I loved how no matter where I went I could play hacky-sack and I did and I would play anywhere..

Airports, alleys, roof tops, tennis courts, parking lots, day or night because all of those places have lights so I could play, play, play..

I would always start just kicking it around and before I knew it someone else would want to play and it never mattered to me if they knew how or not.

I would teach anyone how to play. I never cared if they were good I never cared how old they were or if they even spoke the same language..

It turns out Hacky-Sack come to find out is a universal language equalizer. For me it was just something to do while I was either waiting to do something else or maybe just occupy myself enjoyably.

So what happened?

Well it was one of those things that if I look back at it now, well that should have been my first sign. I am going to sum it up because well it still bothers me that I let that happen.

So there I am playing and being my happy self when all of sudden out the corner of my eye I see him there.  Yup I was to embark on the beginning of my sacrifices to what at that time I thought I wanted.

Of course, I was wrong and it would take the next 3 years for me to figure that out.

Like I said that should have been the first sign sacrificing something you enjoy because someone you’re seeing doesn’t play, won’t learn and cares nothing about the joy it brings me. Instead there I was catering to someone I barely know for the sake of hmmm, yeah for the sake of nothing.

I am going to stop there and continue with the point of this post.

So yes I have, maybe more likely than not you have and you surely know someone who has lost themselves.

It is a sad thing no one wants to admit so we pretend it does not matter acting as if we don’t care..

When did we get so good at acting like our needs do not matter?

Thing is we are so good at not caring about what mattered to us we have no one to blame but ourselves and of course no one else noticed that a little piece of you had slipped away well put away.

You always meant to get back to it and let it out you just never did.

It happens its okay we are here to fix it. Little by little.

You see it truly is the little things that mean a lot that make up the whole. I always talk about the little things. Fast forward, a few years and in that time a lot of you is gone. 

Through the choices we make we sacrifice ourselves over and over until we are only a shell of the person we once were.

We no longer do what we enjoy we have begun to cater to everyone else in hopes we might enjoy some of it.

It would be nice to not have to admit that it was not my own doing.

Thing is it was my doing and knowing that was the first step in changing that.

If I caused this well then I was going to fix it. So if any of this is sounding like your song, your journey your demise then stick around.

Here is what you need to do to rediscover you.

First thing you need to do right now is stand up go to the mirror and look at that person staring back at you, then say, “Hey remember me, yeah its me and I matter.”

Now say it 2 or 3 more times.  That had to feel good and now we move forward to bringing you back out from that place you locked you up in so long ago.

So we will need to rediscover our sense of self. It is in there, you are in there we need to stir it up; you will see how wonderful it feels to be you again.

Getting your sense of self back is important for so many reasons but it is definitely a requirement in Getting Your Happy Back.

It is going to be different but remember that is what you want what you need what you deserve.  Here is your thought for the day…

“To thine own self be true.”

This is one of the truest statements ever made..

Know yourself and be the you that you were born to be.. 

Well that is the goal so do not lose sight. No one else can tell you who you are so go forth and know I am here for you..

So have you been true to you? Leave a comment and let me know.

Next up rediscovering who you are. There are 7 questions to answer to help you find you.

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