Wow look how far you’ve come

Be You... Be Happy!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


A very beautiful day it was in my little part of the world,

Sunny Cali AKA San Diego.


Are you feeling amazing?


Well if not you will be soon enough.

Before I get started I would like say HURRAY to you, and to you, and you and you.


Hip-Hip Hurray!! Hip-Hip Hurray!!

Hip-Hip Hurray!!


As you think about this last week, remember the things you may have struggled with on any level.


Now give yourself a sincere mental hug and put on a happy face. Allow your smile to radiate out as you think back over this last week.


Mentally go through each day, giving thought and thanks to your progress.


Maybe you did not get as far as you wanted, and you feel like you should have progressed even farther.


If that progress was baby steps, that is still progress.


You should do this every week, until it becomes 2nd nature to you .


Review where you were last week, how you felt, then move forward to the now and how you feel right now.


Are you using any tools or do you feel you need more tools?


Stay in the now and give gratitude to the now.


Now that you are here what is it you think you need to accomplish this week.


Do not attempt to detail what you think you need to do, let your mind take hold of it; give it the freedom to conquer it from within.


Stay in the now and visualize your self-moving forward past the now, as if you are watching a movie.


See yourself giving gratitude for those things in your future.


That is where your adventure is heading.


Do you look happy? ?


Of course you do.

I find by allowing myself to see ahead I get there that much faster.


Try it and let me know if it works for you…


Okay so on too the next post…


Miles of Smiles,


Happy Girl


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