You are what you are

Be You... Be Happy!
Be You, Be Happy!

In a world where I struggled to fit-in for so long it had become second nature, that for a very long time my roots were buried making me shy, cautious, unsure, and lacking self-confidence conveniently fell right in-line with all that glory.


Anyone who knows me now would probably find that hard to believe because I am quite the opposite of that today. 


Learning that it is okay to be different no matter your race (this is color-neutral), gender, age, likes and dislikes, is all very important to who you are or will become.

 I knew in my heart being me would get easier but really it was more about me accepting me with little care of others opinion of me. 


Now that is not to say I don’t care what you think as a person, I always love to hear how you feel and the way your mind goes off on tangent. 


I just do not live by your values I live by mine which are subject to change as am I.


Have you also struggled to fit-in? 

Are you shy in public but outgoing with your peeps? 


Are you hearing people say for you to ‘Act your age’, ‘You need to grow up’, ‘Why cant you be like so and so?’. 


 Maybe you used to say how you felt only to be shut down by a sibling or parent, or even worse your spouse shut you down, it happens and you then become less of yourself and a little more lost.


So if you keep getting signs that you are here for more than what you do on a daily basis? Let me ease your mind that you are not crazy well not yet. 


We all have our purpose and it is not tied in with your current job title, unless it is your passion. More on that later.


So what does that make you?


Well your still not like everybody else, thank goodness, they are all lost on trying to find themselves over and over. It becomes almost impossible to do if your still trying to fit-in.



Are you finally ready, it is never too late to be you? 


Is it here and now you establish this connection? 


A little scared? 


I do not blame you, change is always a little scary for some people, terrifying for others and exciting for those who thrive on life.



Life is about change, learning to accept change is the difference in staying safely where your at in life or going against the grain and discovering who you really are and what your purpose here is.


If your reading this I suspect your either at a point in your path where you took one path and wished you took another or maybe your path keeps circling around in an endless loop.


Why does this keep happening??


Well its because you let it. When you keep doing the same thing and expect something different to happen over and over, you know what that is called…insanity.

So for now, You are what you are…but again if you are Okay with that then please let the rest of us move forward and give us a chance to find who we really are, like you did.

Now the rest of you stand up and look around, here and now there is no one who is going to deny you this, not your kids, hopefully not your spouse, and if your BFF is telling you this is a bunch of BS, you might have do this on your own. 



It was always meant to be that way.


So how are you feeling? 



A little empowered, maybe, unsure, possibly and that is okay because now that you recognize it you can address it.



Try not to get caught up in too much change at the moment, it will just happen because you have initiated it here today and so it begins.


You are what you are, and although that sounds final it is just the ice breaker for you here today.


Now you know you are not alone in the way you think and feel and you need NO ONES approval of the way you see things.


If you do not like or know the person you are today then you will want to come back here so together we can unbury those roots and put them in a pretty pot with fresh new soil so we can begin to nurture that and watch it grow.


Well I hope to see you back here soon. 


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Happy Girl


p.s. If you feel you need a little more empowerment grab this download I think you will like it. Its called Protect your Personal Power and it is a good read.



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